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Dec 11, 2014 crater commented on I'm Rewatching Broad City for a Second Time and Now I Can't Stop Talking About How Much I Love Broad City.
I loved season one. It was my favorite tv of 2014.
Oct 26, 2014 crater commented on New Column!.
I find it more effective to think back over human history. It is so full of misery and horror that, in comparison, ISIS and ebola are pleasant Sunday afternoon walks in the park.
Oct 15, 2014 crater commented on What Would Happen to Our Democracy if We Replaced Voting with a Lottery?.
What about crazy people? What if the lottery selects a freak? Anyone who does not believe in climate change is plain nuts, and the voting system puts such people into power by the hundreds.

The goal of democracy is to represent its citizens. If its citizens are crazy in regard to climate change, then their representatives should be the same kind of crazy. That's democracy working.

A crazy person elected by lottery wouldn't represent its citizens, so that's a completely different kind of crazy.

Whether crazy or not, a lottery system is undemocratic, because it elects politicians who don't represent their constituents.

(And it would never work in practical terms, because it is too vulnerable to fraud in making that random choice. And a result would never be accepted as legitimate, because fraud would always be claimed.)
Oct 6, 2014 crater commented on On Natalie Merchant's Motherland Album Cover (Again).
Shorter: "Boobs."
Aug 6, 2014 crater commented on Hell Hath No Fury Like an Early-'80s Teenager Whose Father Recorded Over Her VHS Tape of Beloved MTV Videos.
This happened to me. The memory stings even after all these years. Though as per Fnarf's comment, it does sting less now that almost all the fleeting TV of the 80s and 90s has magically reappeared on YouTube or on DVD*.

*Though, sadly, without the original soundtracks.
Jul 2, 2014 crater commented on I Wish Every Voter in America Would Read This One Paragraph Before the Midterm Elections.
The sad thing is that most Americans blame Congress as a whole, not Republicans. So I hope they *don't* read that paragraph. It just makes them think, "Why bother voting when the politicians won't do their jobs?"

I want American voters to read a paragraph listing the laws Democrats would propose next to the laws Republicans would propose. That's a reason to vote.
May 10, 2014 crater commented on Hey, Momma: Songs for Mother's Day Weekend.
"Mama & Me", Nellie McKay
May 9, 2014 crater commented on How Do You Exhibit Tattoos?.
In the year 3000 people won't be interested in art that isn't tattooed on fat guys.

Jan 4, 2014 crater commented on Locked in Rooms of Their Own.
Out of your 42 reviews, you'd need to have reviewed four female authored books instead of male authored to have met your goal. Yes, you failed. But spectacularly failed? I dunno.

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