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Jul 28, 2013 Salvador commented on Why I'm Boycotting Russian Vodka.
Digital Sky Technologies(under Group), a Russian internet holding company, owns 5.4% of Facbeook making it the 3rd largest owner of the company. They also hold significant shares in Groupon and Zynga. Yuri Milner, founder of SKT, was named on Fortune magazine's list of the world's fifty most prominent business people in 2010 (the only Russian). This does not include the co-owner of Group, Alisher Usmanov, who is the richest Russian and 39th richest person in the world. I'm pretty sure their BILLIONS have more influence and does more for the Russian economy than the MILLIONS coming from Stoli. Why is no one calling on them to help force change in Russia or would it be too much for you to boycott Facebook?