Dec 9, 2015 smitty commented on I, Anonymous.
Hope they got some boogers and cum.

It's called a Yelper Special.
May 12, 2015 smitty commented on I’m a Server and I Think We Should Keep Tips.
Why not a living wage and tips?

Talking with my unionized bartender in Chicago, he makes $40k with benefits plus tips at one of the old art deco hotels downtown.

You could raise a family on that shit!
Apr 22, 2015 smitty commented on I, Anonymous.
Comments did not disappoint!
Mar 25, 2015 smitty commented on What's Seattle's Spiciest Dish?.
A lot of the ethnic places like Trinidadian, Thai, and Indian will tone down the heat for white people until you become a regular and they understand you really do want it all the way spicy.

Vindaloo curry is usually the spiciest at an Indian restaurant.
Dec 3, 2013 smitty commented on Last Days.
Where are we at?

Not ending sentences with prepositions is where I am at now.
Feb 28, 2012 smitty commented on She Is Not Amused.
This made me laugh.

"Yes, I know, I saw the people who died the other day in an avalanche. This has not dissuaded them, apparently. This is not dangerous, but sitting next to someone in a bar who smokes is dangerous. So clearly, it’s not danger that people fear."
Aug 31, 2011 smitty commented on Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race.
I'm from Atlanta and have visited Ballard and Freemont. I must admit, I was a bit uncomfortable being around so many white people. I am white myself.

I live in the congressional district that elected Cynthia McKinney. I even voted for Miss "Much to Do About a Hair-Do". This is a very diverse area of middle-class black and white people with a strong influx of Hispanic/Asian immigrants over the past 20-25 years.

Anyone who has traveled through the Atlanta airport has surely noticed the overwhelming majority of airport staff is black. I have had people from places like Wisconsin comment on how the airport makes them unsafe felling or uncomfortable without being able to elaborate why. It's all the black people, duh. They don't even realize it. Racism is real and you see it a lot when you are close to it.

A lot of ideas or stereotypes labeled racist, especially concerning black Americans, are sometimes more culturally based than racial. Am I racist for saying something such as "black people love listening to gospel music while driving to work?"
May 26, 2011 smitty commented on I, Anonymous.
God bless America...and nobody else.
Mar 3, 2011 smitty commented on Drunk of the Week.
An ape with a Bud,
And a Juggalo you know.
Drinking on some Faygo,
There they go, there they go, there they go.
Jan 27, 2011 smitty commented on Drunk of the Week.
I enjoy a Colt 45 from time to time, but that ish looks narsty.