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Feb 29, 2012 The Weasel King_(It's a long story) commented on Spreading Santorum, #1 Result When You Google "Santorum," 2003-2012.
It's not terribly surprising - now that there's a US Presidential candidate who claims his real name actually is "Penis Sexpoop", there's a bunch of stories about The Candidate Named Sexpoop rather than about the frothy mix he's taken as his stage name. More people legimitately are looking for the former Senator and thus he becomes a more valid search result.

It'll change once he drops out of the race. Once fewer people are looking for Santorum The Person and more are looking for "how do I get santorum out of my sheets without staining?" you'll see the rankings change again.

The same thing would happen if there was a "Dan Savage" as a serious candidate for president - hits on Sex Advice Columnist Dan would go down and pages about Candidate Dan would go up.
Jun 23, 2009 The Weasel King_(It's a long story) commented on Someone's Gotta Post It.
Wow, gee, a bunch of people provoked a dog and someone got bit. Shocker. Film at 11. Next up, water is wet and the Discovery Institute are stupid.

Newsflash: "Pit bull" is not a breed. It's a generic term incorrectly applied by people who don't know what they're talking about to any mid-sized short-haired dog.

Further newsflash: All dogs are capable of biting. Small dogs don't often do severe damage. Large dogs are scary enough that owners train them or give them up *before* they kill. Medium dogs are in that inconvenient sweet spot of being vulnerable to physical restraint by owners, without being vulnerable to physical restraint by *everyone* - meaning, if they are badly trained and flip out on someone who ISN'T physically capable of restraining them, they do real damage.

And, in the mean time, paranoid fuckwits panic over the scary "pit bulls" who will eat their children, *exactly* like the scary homosexuals who will rape their children- leaving aside, of course, the actual facts of the matter.

In short, you're an ignorant ass with the intellectual honestly of a creationist, and, fuck you, Dan Savage.

PS: Love your show and column, wish you'd apply half a thought once in a while to anything that wasn't sex-related. Ta.