Oct 30, 2013 32dem commented on Hawaii State Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill.
#4 There is a constitutional ban in Oregon, which should be overturned next year (they have collected near the required numbered of signatures. Pennsylvania has a Republican Governor. Illinois???? Should we give them credit for trying?
Oct 17, 2012 32dem commented on The Stranger Election Control Board’s Endorsements For the November 6, 2012, General Election.
@6. It is not like the Stranger even made endorsements in all of the Seattle races either. Where is the endorsements in the 32nd, which consists of North Seattle. Good picks as always, even as I might disagree with one or two.
Nov 18, 2011 32dem commented on Stokes Jumps to 88 Point Lead in Bellevue City Council Race!.
Again, no mention of the tight race in Shoreline, where Jesse Salomon has now rebounded from being nearly 500 votes down on election night to being ahead by nearly 80 votes today.
Sep 13, 2011 32dem commented on Maps of the Washington State Congressional Redistricting Proposals.
RVPMB - There was never any real way to get to a solid 7-3 split. The Democrats are too packed in Western Washington, the Republicans too packed in Eastern Washington. The geography of Puget Sound makes it even more difficult.
Aug 26, 2011 32dem commented on Mooning Over Victoria's Dockside Green Development Project.
It is coming to Seattle - well Shoreline anyway.

Jul 15, 2011 32dem commented on Should We Dump the Electoral College?.
@39 - How does "diversity of election laws" lead to a conclusive determination of who wins the popular vote? Why should Washington accept the vote of Kentucky where a 6 pm closing time (and a lack of no-excuse absentee balloting) makes it difficult for working class men and women vote? Or to accept the vote of Kentucky, or Virginia, where felons are categorically excluded from voting?

If we want a national popular vote as you claim, then we cannot maintain a "diversity of election laws" but need standardization of election laws around the country so everyone's vote is actually treated equally. If the majority of States had it their way then, "bye bye" vote by mail, same day voter registration, and other reforms that many Slog readers like.
Jul 14, 2011 32dem commented on Should We Dump the Electoral College?.
If we were to abolish the Electoral College, we should nationalize and standardize elections across the nation. Right now there are 51 different processes for electing the President - as each State and DC controls their own elections. In Washington we have Vote by Mail, in Kentucky, polls close at 6 pm. Each State controls who is on the ballot, so in Washington I may be able to vote for the Green Party's candidate for President but not in Oklahoma.

Jun 24, 2009 32dem commented on King County Democrats Endorsements.
@12 - The King County Democrats also endorsed 26 candidates that were recommended for endorsement by acclimation. Of those candidates, at least 12 are women, and all but two for City or King County Council. Several of the endorsed candidates are individuals of color.

Anne Ellington Washington State Court of Appeals, Division 1, Position 3
Bob Ferguson King County Council, District 1
Julia Patterson King County Council, District 5
John Creighton Port of Seattle, Position 1
Max Vekich Port of Seattle, Position 4
Michael Marchand City of Bellevue Council, Position 6
Jack Block, Jr. City of Burien, Position 3
Brian Bennett City of Burien, Position 7
Armenta, Jennifer City of Bothell, Position 5
Ava Mac D Frisinger City of Issaquah, Mayor
Maureen McCarry City of Issaquah, Position 5
Tola Marts City of Issaquah, Position 7
Jamie Danielson City of Kent, Position 3
Dennis Higgins City of Kent, Position 4
Elizabeth Albertson City of Kent, Position 8
Brad Larssen City of Kirkland, Position 3
Karen Tennyson City of Kirkland, Position 5
Jean Thomas City of Lake Forest Park, Position 3
Bill Erxleben City of Newcastle, Position 6
Kimberly Allen City of Redmond, Position 4
Jim Flynn City of Renton, Position 2
Janet Way City of Shoreline, Position 3
Chris Roberts City of Shoreline, Position 7
Susan Boundy-Sanders City of Woodinville, Position 5
Tim Clark Kent School Board, Position 5
Julia Lacey Northshore School District
YES on Measure—Proposition No. 1—North Highline South Annexation Area