Brandon S.
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Aug 13, 2013 Brandon S. joined My Stranger Face
Aug 13, 2013 Brandon S. commented on Drive-By Shooting at Medical Pot Dispensary in South Seattle.
Columbia city is a great neighborhood and the guys who run that dispensary are good people. They leave the door open because unlike most of the scary gentrifiers who recently moved to Columbia city who are commenting on this page, they actually attempt to be part of the community. Shootings are not a regular occurance in any part of Seattle. Columbia city might seem like the "hood" if your not used to living in an urban area and an area that is so rich in diversity. But its not the hood and marijuana dispensaries are not runnin our neighborhood or making crime worse. There more than a handful of millionaires who live in our neighborhood and it is a far cry from being a dangerous place. In fact, it is very affluent. This kind of stuff happens everywhere, it could have been a corner store. Somebody saw someone they didn't like and tried to shoot them. It wasn't over marijuana or anything else related. Calm down with the stereotypes and pray no one got hurt. I don't think we need a police state over this.