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Jan 29, 2014 passionfruiter commented on Is Everyone Sick All the Time This Winter, Or Is It Just Me?.
I work at a naturopathic clinic in Queen Anne and we've been seeing a lot of people for these types of cold/flu bugs since October- it has been a particularly bad year, it isn't just you.
Jan 24, 2014 passionfruiter commented on SL Letter of the Day: What You Got, Slog?.
Couples therapy?
Jan 22, 2014 passionfruiter commented on "I Need Some Pretty Things".
Pretty much impossible to plan BUT the most beautiful view of Seattle/Washington State I've ever seen happened last Wednesday night for me when I was flying back from CO during a very clear, very bright full moon. Incredible. If any of you happen to be flying from the East into Seattle on a clear, full moon night- get a window seat and don't forget to breathe.
Jan 17, 2014 passionfruiter commented on Do What You Love, or Just Get a Job Already?.
Sorry Danielle- I like you a lot so far but I don't think you're the one to preach about not following one's passions and getting a low wage job vs. working the corporate ladder.
Dec 7, 2013 passionfruiter commented on The Homeschool Apostates.
It seems to me that there are two things to glean from this:
1. Homeschooling should have stricter guidelines and possibly even a system of monitoring/checking in with the homeschooled.
2. Christian fundamentalists are scary. Maybe even the scariest. Ever.
Nov 15, 2013 passionfruiter commented on Illinois Bishop Plans to Exorcise Gay Marriage Out of His State.
Alright so... not all Catholics are psychotic and not all atheists are dicks. That being said, can't we all agree that exorcizing gay marriage from an entire state is not only offensive and medieval but also completely insane?
Oct 23, 2013 passionfruiter commented on Rolling Like Thunder/Under the Covers.
Step off Lindy..
Oct 17, 2013 passionfruiter commented on Jake Shears & Jane Fonda.
Sep 12, 2013 passionfruiter commented on J.K. Rowling Is Writing the Screenplay for a Harry Potter Prequel Film Series.
@7 Lighten up muggle! Maybe you just need a nice glass of butterbeer...