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Dec 28, 2012 multipony commented on The Quiet Rise in DIY Abortions.… This page has information on how to support Jennie Linn.
Apr 28, 2012 multipony commented on Savage's Great New Shitstorm.
@27. Not even a little bit. You made it pretty impossible to miss. Thanks for the laugh.
Apr 28, 2012 multipony commented on Savage's Great New Shitstorm.
It's actually kinda cool when stuff like this happens because now everyone will know who the bigots are. Dan barely had to mention anything for these kids to stand up and identify themselves as ignorant assholes. I hope they grow up and embrace some critical thinking skills. Bravo Dan, you put them in their place with grace and eloquence.
Mar 22, 2012 multipony commented on Why Transvaginal Ultrasounds Aren't Physician-Assisted Rape (According to One OB-in-Training).
Her statements could unfortunately be used to support arguments I've heard from proponents of these bills that say that if we are willing to have abortion instruments inside us people should be able to mandate whatever other instruments they want being put inside us too. Cause, you know, we need the transvaginal ultrasound anyway, so what's the big deal? That was clearly not the intention of her email, but I think it is a mistake on her part to assume that any of these bills have anything to do with abortion providers obtaining information they need to do their job (referring to her quote, "I don't know an abortion provider who would even consider performing an abortion without these two pieces of information."). It's about shaming and taking away choice and agency from both patient AND physician.
I definitely sympathize with this:"Now we have the uncomfortable task of convincing patients that when we do a transvaginal ultrasound we are doing it because we feel as providers it is in their best interest, and not because the state has mandated it or that what we are doing amounts to rape." I sympathize because we are ALL faced with the uncomfortable task of maintaining our right to safe and legal reproductive health care on our own terms. But it's important to remember that it's the anti-choice advocates and legislatures that have made it more difficult for this woman to do her job --not those of us who are calling these bills out for what they are:mandated breaches of choice and consent that turns a often-necessary medical procedure into a physical violation of a woman's body.
It's important to point out that many physicians have NOT been silent. And it's also important to find ways to support medical professionals like this one who are struggling to find a way to navigate through their profession in the insane times, even if we disagree with their choice of words.
Feb 3, 2012 multipony commented on Cut Off.
oops sorry, I typed @14 but somehow, well, I guess I didn't!
Feb 3, 2012 multipony commented on Cut Off.
Hey y'all, Seattle Clinic Defense is awesome and the details of this protest is still in the works but they are putting something together!…
@aw, yes, the old fetus rubbing on the face comments......if I had a nickle for every time one of my wacko relatives said to me......well, I wouldn't need to go to Planned Parenthood. Way to hang in there.
Jan 19, 2012 multipony commented on "Save yourselves: go vegan.".
@25except for this......…
Though I certainly don't think all vegans make the leap from merely annoying to pepper-spray-pie terrorists.
Aug 22, 2011 multipony commented on The Omak Stampede and Suicide Race.
Kelly and Cienna, this was great! I'm from near Omak and my whole family still lives there. I've lived on this side of the mountains for about ten years but it will always be home. Although I'm often happy to make my homeland the butt of ridicule (I mean, who doesn't do that? And there's just so much to work with there), I still love it and the one thing I think almost everyone I know from there comes up with is a love of animals. Everyone seems to either have their own horses or cattle or have a family member who does. When you work with animals, you can't help but love and respect them. I know lots of people who have been in the Suicide Race and they are all people who spend their lives and usually make their livelihoods from working with horses. The Suicide Race is a reflection of what horses and people can do when they have a highly developed working relationship; you can't get a horse to do such a risky thing without a huge amount of love and trust between horse and rider. Do horses sometimes get hurt? Yes, horses always sometimes get hurt. Like someone said above, you may have to shoot a horse because they turned their ankle on a rock. That's how it works when you have large animals. On another note, my moms an Indian, my dads a cowboy, and to his chagrin I'm as liberal as they come, but I can speak from the perspective of both when I say there is nothing more irritating than having people talk down to traditions they fail to take the time to understand, in the name of some kind of misguided liberalism.
Jun 1, 2011 multipony commented on Hipster Headdressing Down.
No you.
(Also I don't "have" any adults. I'm not into owning other humans.)