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Jan 12, 2013 nightswim commented on It's Saturday, Don't You Wanna Buy Something You Don't Need?.
I want to go there!
May 18, 2012 nightswim commented on Proven: Andrew Hughes Can Bicycle and Kayak. But, Can He Beat Jim McDermott?.
The pic of Eli riding no-hands while jotting notes!!!
Jan 13, 2012 nightswim commented on What Do You Think of the Trailer for Moonrise Kingdom?.
I loved Darjeeling, not the least for just for the beauty of the trains.

Life Aquatic was the one I didn't fall for.
Jun 24, 2011 nightswim commented on Live Feed of NY Senate Floor for Marriage Vote.
I love Senator Duane and his speech! Now I want to meet his partner Lewis! This straight NYer is excited!!!
Jun 10, 2011 nightswim commented on Blurring of Capitalism.
Feel like I'm getting you more this week, Charles! Stock up the lamb!
Feb 25, 2011 nightswim commented on Sublime Is Just Awful, Right?.
Wow, I forgot I love Sublime. LOVE! Summer.
Aug 11, 2010 nightswim commented on Regarding the Professional Left.
@29 Well put.

During his campaign, Obama talked about a host of ambitious objectives. My top priority would have been addressing climate and energy issues. I know others feel dismayed that their top priority was has not been on the Action List. But he's the Boss that we gave him the big votes for, it's his job to set the order of operations. I trust he really is one of us liberals, with the same ambitions at heart that he advertised himself with. But he's strategic, pragmatic - maybe enough so to get a lot more done still.
Aug 10, 2010 nightswim commented on Regarding the Professional Left.
Jun 25, 2010 nightswim commented on The Nazi.
You're a forgiving lover.