Sep 7, 2011 turingcub commented on Sad News About a Beloved Capitol Hill Fixture.
This is so sad.
Nov 8, 2010 turingcub commented on Bar Exam.
Why are we commentatoring about AP style manual blitherings when there's this abomination of English "rubbable-off" sitting right there?

I need a drink.
Aug 22, 2010 turingcub commented on Overkiller Queen.
She may suck and we all may hate her, but no pop star has ever been as smart about their own position as this one.

I don't think she'll ever have any personal problems dog her, nor will she end up any coked-out mess. She's always known the kind of monster she's fucking with. And that's why it appears she's winning the game.
Apr 18, 2010 turingcub commented on Savage Love.
Obvious answer to Show Me Your Status's problem: a Tshirt whose message other lesbians would recognize, but which would be unrecognizeable to nonlesbians.

"Shane is my Home Girl" comes to mind... except, if you're tasteful, you might want to go with Alice instead. Fans of The L Word knew that reference, but others did not. Follow?
Mar 18, 2010 turingcub commented on I, Anonymous.
@71 stuckie: BRILLIANT

Jan 10, 2010 turingcub commented on Last Days.
@Texas10R: I am a linguist. *PLEASE* STFU. Here's why:

1. Language changes. All the time.

2. Thought is prior to, and different from, spoken language. Thought happens in sentence fragments and does not "break" language, or "hurt" it. Dictionaries don't speak language. People do. Written language is a way to capture what is spoken; it may have its own rules (and trust me, I haaate the wrong usage of its/it's), but adherence to it when it doesn't make a difference is annoying and stupid. I'm pretty sure Mr. Schmader spell-checked everything before submitting the piece.

3. Everyone speaks dialect. Yours happening to be the same as the one the newscaster uses doesn't give you superpowers, and it damn sure doesn't make you smarter than the black dude who speaks his dialect. Your snootitude sure does peg you as one of those twatwaddles who thinks that sentence-ending-prepositions are verboten, though. (PRO TIP: English speakers have been doing that for 1000+ years)

4. You lack the basic linguistics education I give my LING 101 students. People who show off grammar "rules" (not the actual rules that linguists study, but the ones completely made up by philologists in the 19th century) just seem desperate to seem smart. Ergo, ugh.

5. "Whom" is stupid. Stop pretending it's actually a word, ya fuckwit.

Dec 22, 2009 turingcub commented on Picture of the Suspect in the Pierce County Shooting.
It does nothing for the tendency of the Bad Guy to be a hot bear dude.

Of course, this guy isn't that hot, so I'll go back to my rugby calendars.

(Before you go hating, kids, consider whether Dan Savage would have slept with Andrew Cunanan.)
Nov 5, 2009 turingcub commented on The Horse Boy: On Autism and Shamans.
It's because of the vaccine.

And by that, I mean we can blame the loathsome parent and - likely - the screening of this swill at Truth Boat Refusers Won Out conventions - on autism. And autism we can blame on Jenny McCarthy's loathsome habit of speaking when there is a camera nearby.
Oct 9, 2009 turingcub commented on Last Days.
I shudder to think of the artists I formerly liked who signed onto the "celebrities can rape anyone they want" Polanski canard. It was fun while it lasted, David Lynch.*

*heard second-hand but probably true
Sep 17, 2009 turingcub commented on Jennifer's Body: No Surprises.
God. Finally someone else with the courage to admit that JUNO WAS NOT ENTERTAINING. Even though Alison Janney was in it.