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Got my mind on my money and the rest in escrow

bijhan is wondering if we really need a newspaper to do our social networking...
Jul 17, 2012 bijhan commented on Seattle Woman Marries Corporation in Intimate Downtown Ceremony.
Anyone have a corporation that is over 18 years old that wants to give this another go?
Jun 19, 2011 bijhan commented on Bellhop Confidential.
@11 You know who they are so... yes they are.
Feb 19, 2011 bijhan commented on Drunk of the Week.
Re: #9; Until the author, who identifies Delta Dawn as "the beer drinking chicken", says as much, I must assume that the beer drinking chicken drinks beer, and cannot assume that it is just a "photo op".
Feb 18, 2011 bijhan commented on Drunk of the Week.
well A) that is either a mighty young barred plymouth rock hen or some kind of bantam with a cuckoo coloration and B) giving a bird of ANY size, let alone one that small, a substance as toxic as alcohol is reprehensible and should be considered animal cruelty.
Dec 14, 2010 bijhan commented on Flickr Photo of the Day.
Gross? You want the dog to... to what, go inside and ask to use the restroom?
Nov 21, 2010 bijhan commented on Rock, Blood, and Bone.
By "indie" the English language means "not financed by a major corporation." Yes, that still includes this film, but let's not try and make "indie" a term to describe something "challenging". It just means it was made without dependence on the existing status quo. You know. INdependently.
Nov 21, 2010 bijhan commented on SPD Sat On Video of Cop Kicking Suspect and Didn't Seek Investigation; ACLU Calls for Federal Civil Rights Probe.
Hey here's an idea. Streaming live feeds from active police officers on the internet. A cop "youtube" so the public can review the footage. It would take strain out of the infrastructure of the police department because THEY wouldn't have to review it, but WE could! And we'd do it for free.

Here's another thing. When you're a cop on the clock, you're working for everyone else. You don't have one boss. The CITY is your employer. And we are ALL supervising you. You don't get privacy, and as long as we're paying for you to carry a gun, you don't get to make mistakes. Bottom line.
Nov 21, 2010 bijhan is wondering if we really need a newspaper to do our social networking...
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