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Mar 14, 2014 firelizard19 commented on Savage Love.
Erm- guys, I may be stating the obvious here, but the facials thing is just fine according to sex-positive feminism. What's funny is how many people forget the whole feminist point- everyone should feel free to live/f-ck/etc. how they want without going nuts about conforming to outside expectations or being forced into particular roles. But you shouldn't have to go nuts doing everything opposite to expectations either. It's like my favorite definition of individual maturity- doing something *even though* your parents want you to.
Jan 14, 2014 firelizard19 commented on Savage Love.
Totally agree Buffy- I think he's stuck in the Victorian Era, when wives were meant to be focused completely on homemaking and children, and submit to sex as a duty of being a wife (but not enjoy it!). No wonder they invented vibrators in that era! In fact, he's even worse, since he won't even have cold-fish sex with her!
Dec 9, 2013 firelizard19 commented on SLLOTD: Vicodin.
And yeah- totally agree with you bhowie. I took forever to figure out that basic flirting is really just making a point to talk to someone and show interest in them as a person. Later it can escalate, or someone can just ask the other out, but the concept of a straight-up pickup has always struck me as awkward- that's why pickup lines are jokes! So yeah- just start talking and see where it goes. The interest is implied if you seek him/her out to chat.
Dec 9, 2013 firelizard19 commented on SLLOTD: Vicodin.
@19- wait, so your original comment @6 was your opinion as an approached person- as in you considered anyone you thought unattractive who approached you a troll/ creeper? In that case, speak for yourself, not everyone in the universe. I guess my original disgust with the blanket comment stands- it's a really nasty way to paint the rest of the world.

Either that or you're being a hypocrite and saying it's fine for you to reject people, but anyone who rejected you was clearly doing so for shallow reasons totally outside your control.

Sorry, but there's no way the original statement was anything constructive.
Dec 9, 2013 firelizard19 commented on SL Letter of the Day: LGBT&P?.
Oh, and % for male-identified or male-bodied people.
Dec 9, 2013 firelizard19 commented on SL Letter of the Day: LGBT&P?.
I actually like 68 lots- it would make Dan's letters shorter- you can just type "Hi, I'm a +|# dating a +|...." Good work! Oh, can I call @ for female-identified or female-bodied people? (since it looks like a "flower"- Georgia O'Keefe eat your heart out...).
Dec 9, 2013 firelizard19 commented on SLLOTD: Vicodin.
Really? I would never have guessed. After all it's not like that sounded bitter or anything...

It's like clockwork- someone always comes out of the woodwork with that old b.s. every time picking people up is raised.

Once more for the cheap seats in the back: bitterness isn't sexy, and neither is an entitled or "poor me" attitude. If you are "always" being rejected, maybe the problem isn't your looks. It might be simple lack of confidence, but bitterness isn't going to help either. If there's anything Savage Love should teach, it's that there's a huge range of tastes out there in the physical/sexual realm (for activities and body types and etc...) You can't just blame your looks and the world and expect anything to improve. This concludes my PSA. Thank yew. :P
Oct 15, 2013 firelizard19 commented on A Little Something to Ruin Your Monday Morning.
@30, @31- looks like there are three reasons this is rape, and whichever ones they wiggle out of, I just can't see them wiggling out of all three. Roofies (or large amounts of alcohol, or both) *and* way below age of consent *and* had sex with them after being told "no" repeatedly by the boy's own admission. And they dropped the charges? If the poor woman and those poor girls can stand the process, I bet the ACLU would eat this one raw. Completely ignoring the rights of these girls to the protections of the law because of sexism and political expediency- horrible. I hope that sheriff loses his job and they sue the pants off him and everyone involved who declined to do their jobs, as well as the rapists and their families (there are civil charges like "pain and suffering" etc. that you can sue over in addition to criminal for lots of things). I can't imagine. Makes me want to do something about it- at least start a collection at my church, and a petition or group letter to the governor (they're all flaming liberals at my church :) , and really active).
Oct 15, 2013 firelizard19 commented on Tea Party Leader Asshole to President Obama: Put Down the Quran and Come Out With Your Hands Up.
Oh- the teabag comments weren't referring to you, @7, they were about the article. Realized my phrasing might have been confusing.
Oct 15, 2013 firelizard19 commented on Tea Party Leader Asshole to President Obama: Put Down the Quran and Come Out With Your Hands Up.
btw- @7 and in response to the quotations from the speech- "Allah" is not a different god from "God", Muslims in fact worship the Judeo-Christian God, they just follow the prophet Muhammed's teachings (and acknowledge Jesus as a prophet the way some Jews do, IIRC). "Allah" is just the Arabic translation for "God". Teabag dumb@sses. Yep, Obama "prays to Allah", and so do you Evangelical Christians. I like praying to Dieu (French word) or Bog (Polish) myself!