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Dec 10 RickFromTexas commented on Drunk of the Week.
If I had a nickel for every time I've seen something like this happen, I'd have exactly one nickel. No whipped cream, though. It started out with one dot from a Sharpie then spontaneously devolved into connect the dots. A good time was had by all, except for the guy with the Nazca lines on his face. Ah, memories...
Dec 3 RickFromTexas commented on What Does Seattle's "Justice for Mike Brown" Movement Want? It's Complicated.
One they crossed the line by becoming violent, no one really cares what these people want, they've become a threat to society and will be dealt with as such. There's a reason these anarchists wear masks, they're cowards.
Dec 3 RickFromTexas commented on Advice from a Convicted Criminal on How to Keep Your Car Safe in Seattle.
#3, ever hear of the punishment fitting the crime?

Better idea would be to take the thieves goodies away and just give them away to the poor and homeless, at least that would teach them a lesson and help those who get their stuff as well.

All your suggestion would do is give thieves plenty of good reasons to carry guns, too.
Dec 3 RickFromTexas commented on I, Anonymous.
Lol, that's just your own karma coming back to you, bro. And from the sound of it, you like it so much that you've opted to keep the bad karma flowing. And guess where it's heading, right back to you. Enjoy!
Nov 26 RickFromTexas commented on What We Know About Use of Force by Mall Cops.
Lol, what a little twerp Hinds is, perhaps he'd be better off doing what everyone else with no real skills does, get a state job.

He'd have to adjust to not wearing that big ole dented cowboy hat and those sexy driving gloves but he could never be a real cop anyway, he obviously doesn't work and play well with others.
Nov 19 RickFromTexas commented on I, Anonymous.
I know it's very hard to believe but every once in a while the stars and planets all line up in just the right way and something really nice occasionally happens to anonymous people out there.

With all the republicans running around loose in the universe, such feel good stories get lost in all the noise.
Nov 19 RickFromTexas commented on Drunk of the Week.
Pissed off, insecure, jealous neighbor chick + whiskey = the t-shirt

It's simple once you do the math.

Nov 19 RickFromTexas commented on Washington State Is Flying Blind in a Storm of Corporate Tax Breaks.
"Why Is Olympia Keeping This Secret?"

Because that's what Olympia does. State governments end up keeping things secret because they don't like to publicize their failures.

Take the homeless/addict/mentally ill scenario playing out in downtown Olympia. The City Council invites public input on ways to fix the problem, deftly avoiding the blatant fact that they created the problem in the first place. Typical political tactic, spin the attention away from themselves, diffuse public attention with distraction. And it works, too.
Nov 12 RickFromTexas commented on Drunk of the Week.
Seattle's first gay mascot bar? Just guessing...
Nov 12 RickFromTexas commented on I, Anonymous.
Walking around with that much anger is like taking poison and hoping the one you're mad at will die.

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