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Dec 1 RickFromTexas commented on The Stranger's Guide to Every Recreational Weed Store in Seattle.
Meanwhile down in Olympia, avoid 420 Carpenter. I've made a few purchases there and they sell garbage weed. There's no smell jars so you have no way of telling how potent your purchase really is.

Their formula is having a host of dumb young girls who all say the same thing "People seem to like this" when you ask them what's good. Don't fall for the hype, which is all 420 Carpenter is all about, style is more important to them than substance or quality.

You're better off going to T Brothers in Lacey, where they also don't have smell jars but at least they have staff that used to work for dispensaries who know which products are good or not, or one of the other shops in town.
Nov 9 RickFromTexas commented on Good Morning, America. Welcome To Your White Supremacy.
I've been a fan of politics for quite some time now and I can honestly say that I've never been more disappointed in, or scared for, America. Trump said he had a hidden army of supporters out there and no one believed him, myself included. He was right, we were wrong.

We'll find a way to move forward, we always do, but I feel like we'll have to find a way to do it severely crippled by all the haters out there who voted for Trump.

The enemy we all feared was already inside our borders, the house divided has just fallen.
Oct 19 RickFromTexas commented on Savage Love.
Well said, Dan, great responses to both letters but especially to MADDER. And even if girls or women are alone when someone tries to force themselves on them, make some noise, LOTS of noise.

Don't put up with it and don't be silent about it, either.
Sep 28 RickFromTexas commented on How the Seattle Police Secretly—and Illegally—Purchased a Tool for Tracking Your Social Media Posts.
Makes me glad I don't use social media. Or depend on SPD to follow the rules.
Sep 20 RickFromTexas commented on I, Anonymous.
Great story. Meaningful coincidences have happened to me many times in my life as well. In my opinion, that's not coincidence, it's Providence,a property of the universe I've noticed in my life in which things happen that turn out to be exactly what we need, exactly when we need them.

You did very well and all it cost you was a few dings and scratches and a temporarily uncomfortable meeting with the person who banged into you. I'd say that's well worth saving a life and a marriage any day of the week.

Sep 20 RickFromTexas commented on I, Anonymous.
@Seatlebcc Lol, as soon as I saw "touchy-feely", I knew you were a Trump supporter. Why are you people so filled with hate that you're incapable of seeing a positive story and accepting it for what it is?

But I take it that you have absolutely no problem whatsoever in retrieving The Stranger from the bottom of your parrot cage so you can scrape off the bird poop and read these feel good stories so you can publicly diss them. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.
Aug 31 RickFromTexas commented on Two Thousand Seattle Police Dashcam Videos Deleted Because of "Technology Glitch".
Isn't Technology Glitch a Microsoft product? Or just one of their acquisitions?
Aug 18 RickFromTexas commented on There's a Horrifying Statue of Donald Trump in Capitol Hill.
I think the whole thing's just plain hilarious. Trump thought he had bigger nads than the internet and could push the whole country around but man, did he ever turn out to be wrong about that.

This is the perfect response to such a bloated, misogynistic, narcissist, now everyone can see that the would-be emperor truly has no clothes.
Jul 20 RickFromTexas commented on Why Washington State Should Have Licensed Many More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
Leave it to Washington state to take a perfectly viable industry, which started with medical marijuana, and fuck it up just as badly as they fucked up the liquor stores when they ran them into the ground.

What a bunch of idiots, I just mailed in my ballot and I didn't vote for any incumbents, time for a house cleaning from the ground up. The only power we have left is making sure we remind these idiots who they work for.
Jul 13 RickFromTexas commented on How Washington State Screwed Over Its Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
The state's legal marijuana industry is in the hands of the very same idiots who proved beyond all doubt with the alocohol debacle that they're incapable of competently running a business. I sincerely hope Mr. Davis's lawsuit is successful and the LCB's corrupted process and the incompetence behind it is exposed for all to see because this is NOT what we voted for.

And now thanks to SB-5052, I can't buy rec or medical marijuana because the rec stores don't use smell jars and I only buy products that I can smell first. Labels are fine but my nose tells me more than any label ever will.

A conservative friend told me before I-502 passed that the LCB would end up fucking the industry up just like they did with alcohol and at the time I, a newcomer to Washington, didn't believe him. Now I know he was right. And I also know that I will continue to buy black market marijuana until the state gets its act together. I suggest others do the same since the only way to effectively protest the state's incompetence is to vote with our wallets and go black market.