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6:07 PM yesterday RickFromTexas commented on Silicon Valley Recap, “Success Failure”: Brown Bear, Papa Bear, Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear.
I really enjoyed the first episode of season 4, especially what happened with Action Jack (and to a lesser extent, Monica). Mike Judge & Co. are simply brilliant and hilarious, top shelf satire at its best.
Apr 22 RickFromTexas commented on No Other State with Legal Weed Has This Dumb Rule About Packaging.
I could not agree more, I rely on my nose to tell me if it's good or not, but here I have no choice but to find a shop where the staff knows the product from personal experience. In short, we have to rely on second hand experience from people who may or may not like what we like.

There's a shop here in Lacey that hires pretty girls to say "Well people seem to like this", and I fell for it twice and it was poor quality product both times, I knew it as soon as I opened the packages.

I'm also not a fan of the restrictions against growing it ourselves but that's a topic for a different discussion.
Apr 14 RickFromTexas commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Two Men Want Tattoos.
Wow, all that effort only to end up looking like a couple of complete fools in public. Well done, guys, but just how do you top something this dumb? Never mind, I'd rather not know.
Apr 5 RickFromTexas commented on Meet the Bellevue Libertarians Who Are Fighting Seattle's Progressive Housing Laws.
"a group of people with really good intentions who think that government is the great panacea for all our problems."

I take issue with Blevins basic premise. There is far more proof that our government has been a panacea for most of our problems, than there is proof that it isn't. We wouldn't have survived this long and become such a great and powerful nation without a government that's fairly competent at solving very large and complex problems.

Is government the cure for every problem? Of course not, but it's solved more problems than it's caused, the very fact that we're all here reading and talking about the subject in the comfort of wherever we are is proof of that. Government, just like the people who run it, is far from perfect, but it is 100% human, and it's composed of the very same mix of good, bad, and ugly that we all are.

In short, our government is no better than we are, because we are our government.
Apr 5 RickFromTexas commented on Is Steve Bannon's Removal from the National Security Council the Next Sign of a Soft Military Coup in the US?.
A soft coup? Why not, why should all the fun conspiracy theories be right wing nut theories, can't we in the center and left have some too? Coup or not, this is welcome news, Bannon is about as scary a human being as there is in modern day America, a throwback to Barry Goldwater.

Oh, and btw Stranger staff, Firefox is telling me that your comment sign in isn't secure, just giving you a heads up as I've never gotten this message before.
Mar 30 RickFromTexas commented on This Is a Big Fucking Deal: Flynn Wants Immunity.
Someone trolling these intelligence agencies for immunity like that raises the hairs on the back of my neck and makes me think there's fire behind all the smoke.

Hopefully, a real investigation will occur but I'm not too optimistic with the GOP running the show. They'll find a way to give him the Ollie North treatment too, just watch.
Feb 28 RickFromTexas commented on The Incredible Hulk Holds a Town Hall.
HULK SMASH puny crowd!!!
Feb 28 RickFromTexas commented on I, Anonymous: Post Pot.
Oh, alright, since you asked so nicely, I will take it off your hands free of charge.

Seriously, though, I should be so lucky. Never look a gift bag of weed in the stems.....
Feb 14 RickFromTexas commented on UPDATED: In Seattle, Feds Arrest 23-Year-Old Mexican Immigrant Who's Part of Obama's "Dreamer" Program.
Resist and persist, Trump, too, shall pass, let's hope sooner rather than later.
Dec 1, 2016 RickFromTexas commented on The Stranger's Guide to Every Recreational Weed Store in Seattle.
Meanwhile down in Olympia, avoid 420 Carpenter. I've made a few purchases there and they sell garbage weed. There's no smell jars so you have no way of telling how potent your purchase really is.

Their formula is having a host of dumb young girls who all say the same thing "People seem to like this" when you ask them what's good. Don't fall for the hype, which is all 420 Carpenter is all about, style is more important to them than substance or quality.

You're better off going to T Brothers in Lacey, where they also don't have smell jars but at least they have staff that used to work for dispensaries who know which products are good or not, or one of the other shops in town.