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Aug 18 RickFromTexas commented on There's a Horrifying Statue of Donald Trump in Capitol Hill.
I think the whole thing's just plain hilarious. Trump thought he had bigger nads than the internet and could push the whole country around but man, did he ever turn out to be wrong about that.

This is the perfect response to such a bloated, misogynistic, narcissist, now everyone can see that the would-be emperor truly has no clothes.
Jul 20 RickFromTexas commented on Why Washington State Should Have Licensed Many More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
Leave it to Washington state to take a perfectly viable industry, which started with medical marijuana, and fuck it up just as badly as they fucked up the liquor stores when they ran them into the ground.

What a bunch of idiots, I just mailed in my ballot and I didn't vote for any incumbents, time for a house cleaning from the ground up. The only power we have left is making sure we remind these idiots who they work for.
Jul 13 RickFromTexas commented on How Washington State Screwed Over Its Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
The state's legal marijuana industry is in the hands of the very same idiots who proved beyond all doubt with the alocohol debacle that they're incapable of competently running a business. I sincerely hope Mr. Davis's lawsuit is successful and the LCB's corrupted process and the incompetence behind it is exposed for all to see because this is NOT what we voted for.

And now thanks to SB-5052, I can't buy rec or medical marijuana because the rec stores don't use smell jars and I only buy products that I can smell first. Labels are fine but my nose tells me more than any label ever will.

A conservative friend told me before I-502 passed that the LCB would end up fucking the industry up just like they did with alcohol and at the time I, a newcomer to Washington, didn't believe him. Now I know he was right. And I also know that I will continue to buy black market marijuana until the state gets its act together. I suggest others do the same since the only way to effectively protest the state's incompetence is to vote with our wallets and go black market.
Jul 8 RickFromTexas commented on Trans Rights Won. Just Want Privacy Didn't Get Enough Signatures for the November Ballot..
Thanks to The Stranger for outing I-1515's backers deceptive tactics in gathering signatures, without your article, many of us who read the news around Seattle probably never would have known what was really going on. Well done, Stranger!
Jul 6 RickFromTexas commented on Forced into the Black Market.
Leave it to the state to take a progressive idea like legalizing medical marijuana and then screw it up completely.

All they care about is making as much tax money as possible for doing as little work as possible, they don't care if children die because people can no longer legally buy the medicine their children need to live. This is NOT what people voted for.

Remember how they completely botched the alcohol business? These morons couldn't run a business if their lives depended on it so don't be fooled, especially if you or someone you care about needs a now illegal marijuana derivative to live. Do what's right for you and yours, go black market, to hell with the state.

Jun 28 RickFromTexas commented on Two Seattle Musicians Pay Tribute to the Late P-Funk and Talking Heads Keyboard Innovator Bernie Worrell.
I saw them play at UConn in the 70's, what a wild and fun day that was. P-Funk was way ahead of their time and they were all musical geniuses, Bernie Worrell included. True American originals one and all.

We may have lost the man but he left us his music..
Jun 28 RickFromTexas commented on This Asshole Again.
@auntie grizelda Why not, I hear it worked quite well on Ammon Bundy and his rag tag bag of 'Merika luvin' haters, I mean followers, in Oregon.
Jun 28 RickFromTexas commented on I, Anonymous.
You go, girl! Time for those immature lads to have their boundaries reset by an adult. And smart move, having your friends around, too, cowards and bullies are afraid of witnesses.
Jun 14 RickFromTexas commented on The State Accidentally Released a Boatload of Personal Data on Pot License Applicants.
Wow, the state messed up pretty badly but it could have been even worse if patient data was involved, that means there's a HIPAA violation, which means the fed gets involved. This is why good IT security people are worth their weight in gold, they keep blunders like this from happening.
May 17 RickFromTexas commented on Captain America: Civil War Is Such a Fucking Mess, I Don't Know Where to Start.
I loved this movie, it was non-stop action, humor, and super powers, and all delivered high speed Marvel style. No Hulk or Thor, though, but we did get to see Ant Man do his Giant Man thing, just like in the comic, and we met Black Panther and his vibranium suit, very cool.

This is what I love about Marvel's movies, they're the comic books I read as a boy in the 60's, coming to life right before my very eyes. We finally have the tech to do it right and for an old comic book guy like me, it's kind of like having a dream come true.