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Jul 15 RickFromTexas commented on Thanks for NOTHING, Nordstrom Rack.
First of all, anyone who funnels the entire world through Facebook deserves exactly what they get. Just a hint, people lived pretty well before Facebook showed up.

And what do you expect, shopping there, too? Social networking is a smokescreen, Facebook is really just a sophisticated data mill carving your data up along with millions of other peoples data and all so some company can fake you out with an ad for cheap, ugly shoes.

And then you fell for it! Which encourages Facebook and every other direct marketing idiot in the world to believe they're on to something!

The road to Hell may or may not be paved with good intentions but one thing is certain, the billboards along the road to Hell are all sponsored by direct marketers. The only way to win against them is not to play their game.
Jul 7 RickFromTexas commented on I, Anonymous.
Being angry about your circumstances is ok, as long as it fuels your desire to improve the situation, as opposed to turning you into a perpetually angry person. Staying stuck on angry wastes the very energy we need to find a way to make our lives better. This is one of life's lessons I learned best by living it.

Pain can be a powerful teacher, but it's one that's best experienced briefly, then move on to whatever's next.
Jun 17 RickFromTexas commented on What's Behind Mayor Ed Murray's Inaction on Police Reform?.
If the people of Seattle sit back and do nothing about this, they get what they've got.

People sometimes need to be reminded that they're far more powerful together than they are as individuals, and there's far more people living and working in Seattle than there are mayors, police, and everyone else who works for the city combined.

Get their attention, show them why this is important, then get them organized, and you'll see change.
May 28 RickFromTexas commented on Mayor to Introduce Medical Marijuana Enforcement Plan That's Likely to Shut Down at Least 50 Dispensaries.
This was all inevitable. The MJ industry was all black market and outlaw for a long time, then it became quasi legal with few restrictions when medical MJ was approved, now it's a legitimate business operating within a regulatory structure. It's understandable that some people are upset but there are rules to follow, just like for any business.

We still have moonshiners and bootleggers and we'll still have the MJ versions for a long, long time, too. The major difference is, soon they'll have to compete with legal market prices, just like moonshiners and bootleggers do. The industry is growing up, all of this controversy is just growing pains, nothing more.
May 6 RickFromTexas commented on Video: Seattle Police Burn Seattle Times Reporter's Foot With a Flashbang Grenade.
Oh but I thought the Times said SPD had everything under control, what with their battalion of ninjanazi's running around throwing bombs at people. I guess they haven't figured out yet that what goes around comes around, and where karma is concerned, what comes around is usually amplified. Now that said, there were a lot of anarchists in the mix and these people need to realize that they're just as culpable as the police. And they're not immune to karma, either.
May 6 RickFromTexas commented on Drunk of the Week.
The funniest place I've ever seen weed kept in is when Tommy Chong kept it in his dog, which I believe was a Labrador.
May 6 RickFromTexas commented on What Two Programmers Have Revealed So Far About Seattle Police Officers Who Are Still in Uniform.
Good for them, these two gentlemen are demonstrating what's required to watch the watchers, a lot of hard work and diligence.
Apr 25 RickFromTexas commented on William Wingate Sues Officer Cynthia Whitlatch and the Seattle Police Department Alleging Racial Discrimination.
Whitlach needs to go, the last thing Seattle needs right now are officers who act like her. I could have handled that situation better than she did and I have no police training whatsoever. In fact, I suspect most people could have handled that situation better than she did, too.
Apr 25 RickFromTexas commented on Governor Signs Bill Overhauling Washington's Medical Marijuana System.
Well this is certainly going to help the black market just as much as it appears to hurt MMJ patients. What are the dispensaries supposed to do, beg established retailers to partner up with them or go out of business? What could possibly go wrong with that?

Other states are now looking at Washington state as an example of how NOT to implement marijuana laws. Our leadership has taken an industry that should be fairly simple to set up and maintain as a viable black market alternative and complicated it beyond belief so that it strengthens the black market while simultaneously hurting medical patients where it counts, in the wallet.

The Liquor Control Board ruined alcohol in Washington and these dimwitted idiots are doing the same thing to cannabis. I'd like to have a legal, affordable product and follow the law, I really would, but as things now stand, I cannot follow laws that make no sense, raise prices for all, and completely bypass the will of the voters who want marijuana to be legal.

In short, I will continue to do what I must to get what I need to manage my symptoms, even if it means breaking these stupid rules and laws. If retail marijuana supports this bill, then they are part of the problem, not the solution, and I therefore cannot support them in good conscience.
Apr 15 RickFromTexas commented on How to Be High in Public.
It's so funny cuz it's all so true.....and yes, you need to get small before you read this article...either that or get big eyes, whichever works best...