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Aug 22, 2013 ballardgirl64 commented on Did You Know It's the Season When Giant House Spiders Walk Around Seattle Homes?.
Here's the deal on Giant House Spiders. They are not aggressive, and VERY, VERY, RARELY bite - even when handled, according to the UW Burke Museum website on the topic. They generally like to stay out of view, making funnel webs in dark and undisturbed corners, etc., unless they're "looking to score".

As for Hobo's...we don't have them in the Seattle area, but they can be found in Eastern Washington. Giant House Spiders are related to Hobo's but are not poisonous, or aggressive. They will, however, push out Hobo spiders if sharing habitat's.

I'm a preschool teacher and have done a lot of research on House Spiders because they're so prevalent here. We've captured them for class observation, and kept them fed and happy.

My advice, ignore them and they'll ignore you.