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Dec 8 garbagehumper commented on The Morning News: SPD Officer Who Punched a Handcuffed Woman in the Back of a Police Car Won't Be Charged.
Anyone who watches that video and think that woman deserved to be punched should probably just leave this fucking planet right now.
Nov 13 garbagehumper commented on Nine Employees Speak Out in Defense of Paseo Owners as Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy.
Oct 8 garbagehumper commented on King Crimson Were Frippin' Amazing Last Night at the Moore.
agreed. you may as well have started out a movie review with complaining about a dude complaining about you texting for the whole movie.
Sep 3 garbagehumper commented on Savage Love.
I'm not anywhere near trying to diagnose the kind of crazy this (or any other) abuser is. I just think that, regardless of your ability to keep yourself together in most situations, being really abusive to your partner is fucking crazy no matter how you slice it.

And yes, I also think that people that view their partners or black people are whoever else as lesser people are fucking crazy.
Sep 3 garbagehumper commented on Savage Love.

Don't you think ALL really emotionally and physically abusive people are crazy? If this story was flipped and it was a man treating his wife the same way, I would think he was just as crazy.
Aug 8 garbagehumper commented on I, Anonymous.
The lack of empathy for anyone working any customer service job that deals with people treating them like they're sub-human like all fucking day long is disgusting. The conversation shouldn't be: You should grow thicker skin because people are dicks. It should be: Why do people think it's okay to treat customer service people (or anyone) like this? Alleviating these cunts of their responsibility to be decent fucking human beings is mind-boggling to me.

If you're a grown-ass adult and you openly mock the person making or serving your food, not only are you a mean-spirited, ugly piece of shit, you're a goddamn idiot for not thinking there might be consequences for treating someone like total shit.

If you remove the customer service aspect of this and let's say your walking down the street with someone you care about a whole bunch and that person you care about is in pain and that pain is affecting the way they walk and here comes a group of shit heads mocking your beloved, would you just let it go? Would you say something to them? Would you do something?

Point is, you needlessly and cruelly fuck with someone, your chances of being fucked with back are a lot higher than if you'd just shut the fuck up and not been a stupid fucking asshole.
Jul 30 garbagehumper commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Seattle Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.
I'm white. I smoke weed walking down the street all the time. In broad daylight, at night, whatever and whenever the fuck. I don't even think twice about it anymore.
Jun 7 garbagehumper commented on Woman Reviews "Husband's Stupid Record Collection," Will Probably Get Book Deal.
Man, Megan. I usually like you, but you come off like a real asshole here.
May 9 garbagehumper commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
Maybe drivers vs cyclists is old and boring, but as a pedestrian that walks or runs everywhere, the legality of this terrifies me. I've had multiple occasions where a cyclist barreled through an intersection that I was crossing with the legal right of way and came with in seconds of hitting me. In every instance, they didn't stop to apologize for nearly hospitalizing/killing me. In fact, they acted like I was in their fucking way. Not to mention that no matter where I seem to run, I'm ALWAYS pissing off cyclists. Whether I'm in a tiny section clearly designated for pedestrians or fucking anywhere no matter what, I'm somehow always in the way of a shit head on a bicycle.

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