Feb 3, 2014 swj commented on Sheriff Fires Cop Who Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Photos of Cops.
I'm glad that that this bad actor has been sent down the road, but Urquart's assertion that Holden has been... "treated no differently than other people" is pure BS. It sounds like this perp had a long history of bad behaviour and was only stopped when he picked on a prominent media personality.
Dec 7, 2013 swj reviewed La Boulangerie.
This is the only bakery I have found in Seattle actually capable of making a proper croissant. The place is a little dingy and hasn't been aesthetically updated in years and for that they lose one point, but I have never had a bad bite of food there and I go there often.
Aug 26, 2013 swj joined My Stranger Face
Aug 26, 2013 swj commented on Gun Nuts Threatening Gun-Free Zone Establishments.
So, when a gun owner informs a business that they are being boycotted because of their discriminatory behavior, that's some kind of insidious threat? What is it when a non-gun owner does it? Listen, I would not call up cafe racer and tell them I was going to boycott them for two reasons, I never liked that place anyway and it would be a little disingenuous of me to suggest that I was withdrawing patronage that never existed. The second reason is that I feel for the owner and I can understand his position, even though I think it is wrongheaded. I have a lot of friends who were friends with Drew, so I know what a heart wrenching event that was for all involved and I'm not one to make political hay of such a situation. Still, I have sent a message to my favorite neighborhood restaurant telling them that I will no longer be doing business with them. I was polite and I made no threats. I do, however, feel that it is only fair to inform them why they will not be seeing me there anymore. I doubt it will change their minds, but it is only decent of me to tell them. I hardly think I have overstepped any bounds of protest.