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Dec 10, 2014 death makes some of us happy commented on Tina Fey's Sly History of Calling Out Cosby.
Both clips are the same for me too (30 Rock).
Dec 8, 2014 death makes some of us happy commented on My Philosophy.
Being silent on black/rap culture's misogyny and homophobia make YOU complicit. 30+ years I've been listening to black culture tell the world I'm nothing but a bitch/ho. And a homosexual on top of that? Blacks have done as much damage to women and gays as the GOP. Please understand why I don't give two shits as to your people's "plight".
Apr 19, 2013 death makes some of us happy commented on I, Anonymous.
It's an old story and my reaction to it is always the same. How nice for you that you got sober AFTER your children were grown. Ruin their lives with your alcohol-fueled abusiveness, then find sobriety in time for you to be able to enjoy the rest of your life. You deserve the pain of watching your son be the train wreck you created. Choke on it.
Aug 9, 2012 death makes some of us happy commented on Dog Shitshow.
My bugg (Boston terrier/pug mix) and I were visiting with someone who owns two pits and a small poodle. She said there was nothing to worry about, her pits had been raised properly and were the gentlest souls imaginable. As soon as they saw my dog, one pit attacked, nearly killing my dog. The pit's owner was stunned because her dog had never showed a moment's aggression before then. I don't give a crap how well you think your pit has been raised, they have a prey drive and it can be engaged at any time. Ban them.
Aug 25, 2011 death makes some of us happy commented on I, Anonymous.
Why shouldn't she enjoy d-bag's karmic kick to the groin? He's earned the shitty conditions of his life. I'd celebrate his downfall too. I'd raise a glass to the thought that he'll be getting plenty of anal in prison. Clink!
Jun 26, 2011 death makes some of us happy commented on Racist Queers.
We'll never, ever get past this chicken vs egg argument. Blacks say they act the way they do because of how whites treat them. Whites say they treat blacks the way they do because of how blacks act. Stalemate.

172 & 173 fail to grasp that people should police their own. I know it's a lot harder than blaming someone else for your lot. Keep making your excuses for horrible behavior. It will keep your people down and that's just fine with me.

To the few black males that raise/support their own children, society appreciates it. It's your only saving grace.

Jun 26, 2011 death makes some of us happy commented on Racist Queers.

You absolutely do not deserve to be despised.

I should probably use disclaimers whenever I speak in generalities but I don't. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Hell, there are even a few friendly lesbians in Seattle. But stereotypes, rules, etc, exist for a reason. They are very often true. It's a numbers game, really. Because there are so many blacks that fit the negative stereotype, the stereotype is strong.

Do christians hate me because I'm an 'afront' to their god? You betcha. Do I care? Of course not. People are free to think what they think. I'll get damn cranky when their thoughts turn into attempted legislation, but their thoughts? They're free to have them.

Seeming to go off topic here, please bear with me, you know how so many people make the case that non-radical muslims didn't/don't do enough rebuking of the radical element in their religion? That by staying silent they are/were giving tacit approval to the extremists? Many white people feel the same about blacks. Why don't you (blacks, collectively) rail against the misogyny and homophobia in rap music? Why don't you take to task all the absent black fathers? Why don't you take a strong stand against the sexual slavery perpetrated by black pimps, sexual slavery that often victimizes the black woman? Is modern-day slavery okay as long as it's just bitches/ho's being enslaved?

Did you happen to read the story on cnn yesterday about the three rival California gangs that have put aside their differences to come together in enterprise. They're now working as a single unit to maximize profits on their prostitution business. Read about these sex slaves. Read about their lives. Why aren't blacks up in arms about this?

When white people speak out against these things we're beaten with the "racist" stick. Obviously I don't think it's an insult, but most white people want to avoid that seemingly pejorative label so they are hesitant to speak out. But blacks should be speaking out. It's your community these young males are destroying.

Why can't blacks like yourself start a web site, or local paper, or whatever that drills home the notion that education is the key to getting out of poverty. That black women deserve your respect - they're not property to be pimped or abused. That pimping is neither glamorous nor moral. I have no idea what can be done to fix the problem of absent black fathers but do you have any ideas? If so, please let them be known.

Failure to take a stand against these things = tacit approval. Everyone is accountable. And not just blacks. Every non-black who raps along with songs that promote all of this hatred of gays/degradation of women/glamorization of the gangsta lifestyle is likewise part of the problem. This shit isn't cool. Please, black people who agree, SAY SO! Stand on the street corner and preach it if you have to but take a damn stand!

Jun 26, 2011 death makes some of us happy commented on Racist Queers.

(this might double post)

That was funny. Touche!
Jun 26, 2011 death makes some of us happy commented on Racist Queers.
@ 166

That was funny. Touche!
Jun 26, 2011 death makes some of us happy commented on Racist Queers.

Again we must visit this basic premise - that gay people are somehow immune from having strong negative feelings about a group of people. I don't understand the logic.

Second only to christians, black people are gays biggest enemies. They openly fight against our rights (everyone remember what happened to Prop 8 when all the blacks came out to vote for Obama?). Tracy Morgan's recent comments are but the latest in a loooooong line of anti-gay rhetoric from the black community.

So, and correct me if I'm wrong, it's perfectly acceptable for one minority group (blacks) to hate another (gays), but it's a capital sin for one minority group (gays) to hate another (blacks). Someone very intelligent, and very persuasive is going to have to come along and explain that one to me. I call big bullshit on that.

Add this to all of the social behavior complaints I've made on this thread and do you really not understand why I don't get the idea that gays can't have strong negative feeling towards blacks?

I can't speak for gay men, having never been one, but as a lesbian, 99% of the verbal harassment I've been subjected to has come from black men. Black men are not okay with lesbianism. Don't know the whys of it, just know that it's been not only my experience, but that of most other lesbians I've talked to on the matter. But I'm supposed to have unconditional positive regard for blacks because they're a fellow minority? How does that work in your head?

And from the last part of your second sentence I gather you think lesbians are especially immune to racist thoughts/feelings. Seriously?! I have dated exactly ONE woman who wasn't hugely racist. Ask your lesbian friends how black men treat them. Then have a couple of drinks with them. Once they let their guard down they might tell you how they really feel. It's a dirty secret we share only amongst ourselves. Sorry to burst bubbles!