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Sep 2, 2016 Tim Eyman commented on Tim Eyman Met Donald Trump and Told Him "I Admire Your Courage".
For those interested, here is the complete email update that was sent to supporters and cc'd to the media:

RE: Trump rally was a blast -- like a family reunion -- "hey, aren't you Tim ... uh, that car tabs guy?"

It was the Super Bowl, no doubt about it. Yesterday's Trump rally at Comcast arena in Everett was a blast. Fellow political junkies everywhere, everyone smiling and laughing, hugs right and left (OK, hugs right and far right). Hats, shirts, signs, bumper stickers.

And one person after another stopping me, shaking my hand, and asking for a photo after hitting me with "hey, aren't you Tim ... uh, that car tabs guy?" Too cool.

It was like a family reunion. So many friends and supporters of our initiatives were there. Lots of handshakes and pats on the back. I said 'thank you' over and over and over again.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's several thousand words worth from yesterday:

Thanks to super supporter Larry Sundquist and great friend Don Benton, I was able to attend the fundraiser beforehand. It was a real thrill to get a picture with "The Donald". I managed to get 4 words out of my mouth (which was tough because I was so star-struck meeting him): "I admire your courage."

Here's my vantage point during the rally. Amazing energy and enthusiasm from thousands of smiling political junkies.

Yep, I got that close.

Here's Trump revving up the folks at the fundraiser.

While waiting to get into Comcast arena, I ran into two of my favorite people: Jane Milhans and Marlyn Jensen, both from Pierce County. Love 'em both.

The screen overhead -- too cool.

After the rally, the girl on the left came running up to me and said "can I get a picture with you? You saved me so much on my car tabs, I just love you." She and her neat family came to the rally from Anacortes.

"Hey, you're Tim ... uh, that car tabs guy, right? Mind if I get a picture with you?" Loved it.

During the rally, I got to sit with longtime friend Cary Condotta and his 12 person caravan of Trump supporters from Chelan. Cary is working super hard to gain the 2 seats necessary to take over the state house and fire Seattle Frank Chopp as Speaker.

I went to Hillary's rally in Everett -- it was civil, polite, and overall just fine. I went to Bernie's rally in Seattle -- it certainly had its moments but frankly it's pretty darn easy to be a progressive/liberal presidential candidate in Seattle.

Trump's rally? The crackling energy and enthusiasm was off the charts.

Being a conservative in Texas is easy. Being a conservative in Washington is a whole lot tougher. But it's exactly because of that difficulty -- the fact you're constantly outnumbered -- it gives you a sort of siege mentality, grit, and determination because you know you're constantly behind enemy lines. Above all, you develop a sense of humor. So you get in an arena with 10,000+ like-minded happy warriors, and you can't help but smile and enjoy yourself. You don't get mad at the yelling, screaming, red-faced protesters, you laugh at 'em.

Politics is critically important, but it's also enormously fun. I'm a political junkie. I live and breathe this stuff 24/7/365. So for me, yesterday was an absolute blast.
Nov 7, 2012 Tim Eyman commented on Time to Get Real, Jay Inslee.
to: Will in Seattle

you wrote: I was talking with some state senators about Eyman last nite.

what'd they say?
May 12, 2012 Tim Eyman commented on Big Oil to Fund Eyman's Latest Two-Thirds Initiative (and Why People Who Defend the Initiative Process Are All Liars, Idiots, or Assholes).
It's been a pleasure, everyone. I enjoyed the repartee.

Blog post is still inaccurate: just like voter-approved I-1053, I-960, R-49, and I-601, this year's I-1185 requires tax increases to receive either two-thirds legislative approval or majority voter approval. Fee increases require a simple majority vote of the Legislature.

Blog post says it's 2/3 for tax and fee increases. That's not correct -- 2/3 for tax increases, simple majority for fee increases.

Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.
May 12, 2012 Tim Eyman commented on Big Oil to Fund Eyman's Latest Two-Thirds Initiative (and Why People Who Defend the Initiative Process Are All Liars, Idiots, or Assholes).
@ 57 64% of voters approved this same initiative just 2 years ago. That was the 4th time voters approved it, following the legislature suspending it in 2010 and imposing $6.7 billion in higher taxes. Voters sign our petitions and voters approve our initiatives. Your 'beef' is with them, not us.
May 11, 2012 Tim Eyman commented on Big Oil to Fund Eyman's Latest Two-Thirds Initiative (and Why People Who Defend the Initiative Process Are All Liars, Idiots, or Assholes).
Story remains inaccurate: I-1185 does not require 2/3 for fee increases.

After being notified of the error, Joel Connelly at the Seattle PI corrected his story but so far, this blog continues to report inaccurately on I-1185.

Bueller? Bueller?

May 11, 2012 Tim Eyman commented on Big Oil to Fund Eyman's Latest Two-Thirds Initiative (and Why People Who Defend the Initiative Process Are All Liars, Idiots, or Assholes).
@7: 9% of the voters agree with you.

Are statewide initiative elections good or bad for the state or do they not make much difference: 67% good, 9% bad, 18% no difference, 6% don't know

KCTS 9/KPLU/Washington Poll, question 40:
May 11, 2012 Tim Eyman commented on Big Oil to Fund Eyman's Latest Two-Thirds Initiative (and Why People Who Defend the Initiative Process Are All Liars, Idiots, or Assholes).
ERROR: I-1185 requires 2/3 legislative approval or majority voter approval for tax increases.

Fee increases require a simple majority of the Legislature, not 2/3.

see section 4 of I-1185:

We have received 605 donations from our regular donors since January as well as enthusiastic support from the business community thanks to their endorsement in March:

And if enough voters (300,000) voluntarily sign our petitions by the July 6th deadline, then the voters will decide (and 64% of voters approved these exact same policies in 2010 without any money spend on advertising the initiative).
Jul 8, 2011 Tim Eyman commented on Three Initiatives Turn in Over 1 Million Signatures to Qualify for November Ballot.
Here are the 2 biggest reasons we're sponsoring I-1125:

1) Voters approved Initiative 1053, the Taxpayer Protection Act, last year with a 64% "yes" vote. It passed in every legislative district outside Seattle (44 of 49 districts overwhelmingly approved it). Nonetheless, we've been watching politicians find sneaky, underhanded ways to get around I-1053 and our state Constitution. The most egregious violation relates to fees. I-1053 required the people's elected representatives in the Legislature, and not unelected bureaucrats at state agencies, to take a recorded vote to set fees. But the Legislature re-empowered Gregoire's unelected Transportation Commission to unilaterally impose billions of dollars in new tolls and ferry fares. I-1125 reinstates the I-1053 policy that it be the Legislature that decides. We're talking about thousands of dollars per year for families and it's simply not reasonable to allow that to happen without some accountability and transparency.

2) Much of I-1125 is simply a reaffirmation of current laws and current constitutional protections (transportation money must go to transportation, tolls being project-specific, tolls paying for the infrastructure itself). Why? Because too many politicians and special interest groups have talked about skirting the law and violating the Constitution that we felt it was necessary to shine a bright spotlight on their plans. Better to deter them from breaking the law than to overturn their illegal actions after-the-fact (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure).

We are incredibly proud and excited to be bringing I-1125 to the voters. It provides needed attention to some critically impactful policies. Special interest groups and politicians don't want an open debate on this ... they prefer cutting backroom deals and keeping the voters in the dark about what they're doing. With I-1125, the public will learn about what's going on and get the chance to weigh in in a meaningful way.

More on I-1125 here: http://soundpolitics.com/archives/014813…