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Mar 20 420leaks commented on Naturopath Busted by the State for Medical Marijuana Authorizations: "I'm Not Settling—I Didn't Do Anything Wrong".
JasonT, you make too many assumptions in an attempt to try and give the clinic a bad name. They could be renewing their authorizations, thus no need to bring in all their medical documents again. Do you bring in all yours when you renew?

This whole investigation is nothing but an attempt to stop/scare health care providers from writing authorizations and force everyone into the overtaxed and overregulated cannabis monopoly we call I-502.

Feb 13 420leaks commented on State Senate Passes Republican Pot Bill that Combines Medical and Recreational Markets.
More lawsuits coming if this goes into law. Very disappointing that patients are being entirely left out. There will be no health care professionals to write authorizations under this plan. No inexpensive or free cannabis for those who can't afford it. Calling this "patient peotection" is a joke.
Feb 4 420leaks commented on Everyone in Olympia Has a Pot Plan.
Co-sponsor Sen. Hatfield as well...
Sen. Brian Hatfield...
Feb 4 420leaks commented on Everyone in Olympia Has a Pot Plan.
Oh gee...look who contributed to Ann Rivers... MERCK SHARP & DOHME CORP $900.00…
Feb 4 420leaks commented on Everyone in Olympia Has a Pot Plan.
Check it out... the lobbyist pushing Rivers' bill is also a lobbyist for Merck...…
Jan 6 420leaks commented on Why the Seattle Woman Who Wants to End Mass Incarceration Is Defending Pot Prosecutions.
So we need to start prosecuting people over a relatively harmless plant so we can stop prosecuting people over a relatively harmless plant.

Anyone else see a problem with this line of thinking?

I-502 is turning into a Rube Goldberg machine that gives you eggs and toast while kicking you in the nuts.
Jul 11, 2014 420leaks commented on City Attorney Says He Violated Policy When He Brought Pot into City Hall.
"Hopefully his next job is figuring out a way to unchain the City of Seattle from this dumb policy."

He can help the state remove cannabis from the controlled substances list at the state level!
Mar 5, 2014 420leaks commented on Sneaky Anti-Medical-Pot Bill.
Phone typo...not a new patient lol
Mar 5, 2014 420leaks commented on Sneaky Anti-Medical-Pot Bill.
Thanks for the honest reporting on this, Ben! Finding press interested in reporting the truth on this story has been a near impossible task. Much appreciation from a newnon-indusrty patient. I've already lost the ability here in LFP by ordinance to collectively grow.
Nov 30, 2013 420leaks commented on Anti-Pot Cities May Get Sued.
I find it a sad anyone thinks I-502 is somehow making it a better world for patients or even recreational users.

Stealing an industry out from under small business owners and giving to another group, then attacking the people who are losing their livelihood is not something I would be proud of. Especially when this will hurt the ones most in need of this plant.…

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