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Jul 26, 2014 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on Xfinity Wi-fi Hotspots Are a Hot Mess.
I do not have a Comcast Router, but I do have the Comcast modem -- and I have the XfinitiWifi thing... and it wouldn't let me turn it off. Joy.
Jul 10, 2014 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on A Beginner's Guide to Ingesting Marijuana.
Honestly, if Mo Dowd came into your dispensary, wouldn't YOU be all "Oh yeah, you want edibles. Ahh, just eat the whole thing. Have two, they're small."
May 7, 2014 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on HGTV Cancels Reality Show After Twin Stars Anti-Gay Activism and Rabid Homophobia Exposed.
Yeah, I'm kinda surprised there are (or, rather were) TWO shows with creepy twins doing house stuff.
Apr 9, 2014 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on Restaurant Guy David Meinert Urges Staff to Lobby for Tip Deduction from $15 Wage or "Tips Will Probably Go Away" and Overall Wages Will Drop.
That just seems dumb to me. Why wouldn't they just boost up the prices of the food a skosh -- doing the "service charge" thing just seems like a petty way to punish the employees. Otherwise, people'd continue to tip, and... well, honestly, I think they might in the event of the service charge anyway.
Mar 31, 2014 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on A Restaurant Recommendation for Sushi and Oysters.
Also, I love Mashiko's in West Seattle -- which is sustainable fish only. AND it's delicious. (I love the Atomic Tuna.)
Mar 12, 2014 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on Motley Zoo Saves Kittens in the Cutest Way Possible.
This is the best thing ever! A+!
Jan 2, 2014 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on Shia LaBeouf Is an Insufferable Prick.
Can we start up a collection for Dan Clowes to fly down to Hollywood and punch Shia LaBoeuf in the dick?
Dec 26, 2013 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on 2013: Tough Year for Racists.

I'm not racist, but baby animals are adorable!
Dec 20, 2013 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on Uber "Surge Pricing" Controversy Is a Cautionary Tale Against Taxi Deregulation.
Hm -- I've never done Uber during a Surge Pricing Time... are they changing the rate during it? When I look at the app (Android version), if it's Surge time, it'll say "Surge Pricing, there is a [X]x multiplier in effect!" in big hard-to-miss letters.

so, if I did order the Uber then, does it lock in that multiplier? Or do you only agree to "surge pricing", which can end up being whatever multiplier they want?

I mean, at that point, why not just get a regular cab? Or am I missing something?
Jun 14, 2013 Rev. Syung Myung Me commented on TGITMBG: They Might Be Giants Bring Nerd Joy to Sodo.
They actually ended with "End of the Tour", which was also very awesome.


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