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Apr 6, 2012 nastyrose commented on I Love Television.
my name is nas and i love new girl.
there i said it. seriously though huys, jess is funny but this cast is just amaze-balls...and while you're at it check out 'happy endings' on abc - same magic chemistry going on there
Jan 10, 2011 nastyrose commented on Corruption, Violence, and Doom.
fucking fantastic article...i liked this even better than the other ones because it tied everything together..leaves me in serious despair about when sanity is going to prevail though..
Jun 3, 2010 nastyrose commented on My Daughter, Her Hair, and the Seattle School District.
i am a 'brown' person who has worn that very same product and i gotta tell u - it makes me a bit nauseated if i use too much...i had to switch to a vit e oil that had less of a smell. it's a very personal thing because i had my mom smell it and she said it was fine.
my point is smells and the effect of said smells are very individualised. that being said - the teacher did behave very unprofessionally and could have handled the situation in a very different way. i need more info to determine whether this was indeed racially motivated, but there does seem to be a whiff of racism as evidenced by the fact that the teacher chose such an extreme response when there were so many other options available to her..
Sep 14, 2009 nastyrose commented on Sexy Beast.
whatever else this was - it was also a very interesting and entertaining read - thank you!
Jun 30, 2009 nastyrose commented on RIP, Kate Jackson.
funny, irreverent, a bit cringe inducing - all the reasons why i read stranger...
Jun 30, 2009 nastyrose commented on Michael Jackson, Mon Amour.
lol - yeah the nets are full o gullible ppl...
Jun 30, 2009 nastyrose commented on How Michael Jackson Touched Me as a Child #2.
this was quite touching - unfortunately my first cd (backstreet boys) will never get the same epithet....
Jun 30, 2009 nastyrose commented on Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.
impressive piece!