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Oct 22, 2013 Kestrel RG commented on SLLOTD: Open It, Already.
Sorry for the long rant but the doctor is late...idle hands and all.

I understand what she is saying. Furthermore, I AGREE with her as well as Dan.
But if I am to be completely honest, utterly wide open, then a part of me says wait a minute....
I've been married for 21 years to my high school sweetheart. We have a great love story and have had a better marriage and partnership than anything I had ever seen growing up. We work at home together, we prefer each other's company. We've had 2 kids, 1 with severe medical issues, I was on medication fr a number of years that doused my libido; we've had long stretches where the sex was alright and not particularly abundant. Whenever I talked to my DH about his feelings regarding our sex life, he always seemed shocked that I would even consider he may be unhappy.
"But if our sex is great just less often because of "whatever", how can I complain?" He was surprised to hear my concern that maybe a man may want to have more or crazier sex - who knows what secrets someone might have? Maybe he was into furries? It's easy to say you know someone 100% but that's not possible. He was adamant that if I was worried about less sex because I was taking medication to fix me then it was he who had the issues.
Sex with the person you love with all your heart is the best sex of all. It's homemade porn! How can I want to have sex with someone else simply because he won't do puppy play or spank me or give nightly massages? Do I really want to be a black Lab more than I want to be with the man I am devoted to? His view is that he COULDN'T have a mind blowing fuck with someone else because we weren't having sex often enough to please him. That means that our marriage needs work, not stand-ins. And if we cannot make our sex life work for us then we don't have much of a marriage.
Her husband should want to make her happy and TRY some if her interests. He isn't. That means that his loving commitment is limited. She finds another man so appealing because he is doing those things she wants - that means that she has found a replacement for a critical role in a marriage. They aren't having sex because one physically cannot, they are choosing to not make their marital sex fulfilling to both of them. The union doesn't mean enough to them and should therefore be axed.
Just my opinion but I'm an old (ok, 40) married woman. What do I know?
Sep 29, 2013 Kestrel RG commented on Dress Codes? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Dress Codes!.
I agree with her!
When we are dining out at a fine restaurant ($200 and up, let's say) I don't want to be seated near a guy in Jorts and a BMW Ride for the Cure commemorative t-shirt. I also don't want to be near kids at 9pm.
So, lets make a new rule: underdress patrons will be put into a corner where they can all not bitch about wearing uncomfortable dress clothes alongside families that can't figure out how to get their brood out of the grown-up's way at 10pm.
This is absolutely fair. I don't want to pay a sitter for my kids just to hear yours. I also don't want to pay good money to have dinner in a place that's NICER that what I wake my kids to and be surrounded by grown men who want Gary Denko food in a Tony Roma atmosphere. So corral them all together and let the big people have a nice quiet meal that is elevated beyond our standard fare and environs.
Sep 10, 2013 Kestrel RG joined My Stranger Face
Sep 10, 2013 Kestrel RG commented on Richard Dawkins Is Cool With "Mild Pedophilia”.
I am PROUD to be anti-religion. Dawkins isn't our god - we don't believe in one! If you want to bash atheists then apply that logic to the faithful.
Who were Christian? Let's see:
Timothy McVeigh
Son of Sam
Jeffrey Dahmer
Don't want to own those freaks? Then don't just atheists by one guy's opinion. Especially since he was defending yet another disgusting and perverted Christian leader.
Dawkins is dead wrong. The priest was a repulsive pig using children for his shameful pleasure. The Catholic Church has laid out nearly $2.4 BILLION to settle child abuse claims. Dawkins doesn't need the money but that pastor should've be held accountable.
And maybe parents need to stop thinking the church is a good place to leave their children. Actually, everyone should start viewing the church for what it is: a home for the guilty, sick and fearful where they are fed fairy tales to make them believe they have some minute control over their world. A made up book, no proof and the cause of a couple of centuries of death, famine, rates, tortures, sickness and war fought in god's name which were never won. Shocking, really. *yawn*