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Oct 8, 2013 NZBee commented on Savage Love.

Hmm perhaps but the term whore doesn't imply sex worker to me. Its not that I think the guy was trying to slut shame his partner, it just struck me as a strange choice of word on his part.
Oct 8, 2013 NZBee commented on Savage Love.
Am I being too PC thinking Dan should have pulled up that guy for sort of slut shaming his partner by calling her a "whore" in bed? Sort of thought it was inappropriate myself but Dan didn't comment so maybe its just me. Like, what does that really mean? Is there not a better way to express the same idea?
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Sep 11, 2013 NZBee commented on Savage Love.
How can all these commenters be saying on the one hand DTMFA because he doesn't fulfill CASD needs and yet rejecting the dick sheath advice as if its not exactly the same thing?!

SLAM doesn't say she doesn't enjoy sex with her boyfriend with his normal dick, she doesn't say she wants to break up with him, nor does she say she wants to fuck with a dick sheath all the time, she just says that she would like the big dick option now and again.

Isn't that the point of sex toys, or indulging kinks, to be occasional, to be fun? Big dick desire is really something that I would think would come under the occasional category cos as 20 says, its not always pleasant for the average girl. And especially if it doesn't do much for him, she wouldn't want to be doing it all the time, because she states quite clearly she doesn't want to kill the relationship.

Getting annoyed at all these commenters who are railing on the dick sheath as if SLAM had said that what she was after was big dick all the time. If her partner isn't prepared to fulfill her desires then maybe she should DTMFA, just as everyone is supporting CASD in doing for the saame reason.