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Apr 25, 2016 johnyawl updated his or her bio.
Apr 25, 2016 johnyawl commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Boyfriend Slow-Walking His Divorce.
What's your hurry, IW? Are you planning on having kids with this man? (and does he know/agree with this?). My ex and I delayed our divorce for 2 years after separating to allow her to stay on my gold plated health insurance plan while she operated her small home business.
Dec 1, 2015 johnyawl commented on Bloomberg Businessweek Just Published an Exposé on the Seattle CEO Paying Employees a $70,000 Minimum Wage.
@2 Well said, SPG. I was just about to say pretty much the same thing.
Oct 21, 2015 johnyawl commented on So Long, Joe: Here's to the Kooky Presidential Campaign That Never Was.
-If Clinton implodes before the primaries begin it would still be possible for the mainstream Dems to "draft" Biden and rush him into the fray to head Bernie off at the pass.
-If Clinton wins the first several primaries handily and then implodes the same thing could happen.
-If Clinton and Sanders run neck and neck through the first half dozen primaries and then she implodes the mainstream Dems are stuck with Sanders.
Sep 23, 2015 johnyawl commented on Seattle Police Union’s Newspaper Continues Streak of Anti-Reform Rhetoric and Racism.
Don't expect anything out of Ed Murray, he's too busy working on becoming the country's first gay governor to do anything that might be seen as controversial.
Mar 10, 2015 johnyawl commented on SL Letter of the Day: Secrets and Lies.
I think you missed a possibility Dan, that @4 came close to. Perhaps this sub is seeking punishment from his Dom. He wants her to discover his transgressions and punish him for them. She should give that a try. A little extra humiliation and a good spanking might be a good start.
Jan 12, 2015 johnyawl commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Short Selection of Today's DTMFAs.
No one uses Metrosexual anymore????!!!! What are they using now? god, I fall behind the times so fucking quickly. I guess I'm just not one of the hip in kids.
Jan 9, 2015 johnyawl commented on Who's The Better Dancer: Steve Ballmer or Shia LaBeouf?.
Ballmer's a dick and I wouldn't normally vote for him for anything, but he's dancing like you're supposed to: like nobody's watching.
Jan 9, 2015 johnyawl commented on Looking for the "Sense to Be Made" in the Charlie Hebdo Massacre.
@3 I came to the comments section to express pretty much what you've pointed out. The Saudi's have sowed their fundamentalist/medieval vision of Islam across the world using their oil wealth to fund those Madrassas.

Coming to the wrong conclusion is as dangerous and unproductive as coming to no conclusions about this.
Dec 24, 2014 johnyawl commented on Rush Limbaugh Says Casting Idris Elba as James Bond Would Be Like Casting Scarlett Johansson as Condoleezza Rice.
Ian Fleming wrote M as a male character, yet Judy Dench played M in 7 Bond movies. Idris Elba couldn't be any worse than Roger Moore's Bond.