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Sep 2, 2009 SteveMD2 commented on "Why Do You Hate Me?".
All the problem comes out of the conservative churches and the Bible. And people whose brains are so open to anything bad. Driven by churches who terrorize with "hell" if you don't do what you are told, and their insurance policy of heaven if you sell your soul to the church, even if they they support evil against a minority group

I thought Jesus Life was a message of God's love for ALL people. Just as they are. Jesus never said anything against gays.

Being in politics, I've discovered that people have the wierdest combination of ideas. Just what they picked up in bits and pieces, and melded together in some sort of strange harmony that looks so unlikely.

But re gay people, there is a common thread among conservative religions, that gay is bad. And of course gay marriage represents the ultimate example of acceptance of gay people as part of God's creation.

And the christian conservatives can't stand that idea. They may quote Leviticus, while forgetting that 99.99% of the world's people deserve to die because of that biblical reference. Brilliant.

And their church leaders gain power and money and their ego trip by always having some group to hate, to blind the eye and harden the heart. Of course they talk about the utter lie called Christian Love - we love you if you do as we say, and hate you if you don't do as we say

I'm going to leave my very progressive temple, because while they say the words, they don't take action to help cure this problem .

As someone once said, if you don't become part of the solution, you are in some way part of the problem. Suck it up, and please get to work. IF I didn't live on the other side of he country, and have a wife and family, I'd be there.

We need every last gay person and friend of Gays to go door to door to insure this referendum fails at the vote.

Failure is not an option, as they aid when the Apollo 13(?) spacecraft was crippled on the way to the moon.

And those brave astronauts did come home safely. And so can the referendum fail. So justice and equality will prevail for our gay citizens
Jul 20, 2009 SteveMD2 commented on Protecting Marrige [sic] on Craigslist.
The battle against religious terrorism begins at home.
Jul 1, 2009 SteveMD2 commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Attempted murder by the police would be a good court case. Tried as a hate crime in Federal court. No wonder we need a hate crime law, and the Christian Taliban are so opposed.

Wouldn't it be fun to see these police put in the 'big house', and their identities outed to the inmates.

They would then get exactly what they deserve - being everyone of the super-hetero-macho's prisoner's boys.

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