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Jul 1, 2009 hoosiercub commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
@16 - Your distaste for public displays of gay affection is just as narrow minded as these police officers, I don't care for seeing straight couples act in the same manner, but I deal because I know that they're socially acceptable still, and we are not.. I understand if it makes you uncomfortable since its probably something you're still not used to being around. Another man kissing another man in public isn't a crime, its not disgusting, and there's nothing wrong with it, no matter how much it bothers you. We are all human beings and should be looked at and treated respectively the same.

@56 - Really.. Let's ban Texas, absentmindedly do something like that.. wake up! This shit happens everywhere.. Not on their side obviously being a homo and a former Texas resident, I love the place, but when I see this kind of thing happen, its like it is a thousand times worse than it would be if it happened in Colorado or Alabama..

Anywho there is no discussion to be had around this issue.. the cops are lying and somebody needs to do something about it. I think its great that there is a medical fund for Chad, thats a step in the right direction, and as was also said earlier.. online discussion with stupid/ignorant comments *silent protests* aren't going to get anything done. In this day and age, with this sort of thing happening, we do need to take action more heartily because we as a society beyond this, yet little packets of ignorance and violence still live on in different areas of the country. If something like a major level protest or a large gathering in refute to this tragedy, I would make my way to TX to help and be a part of it. I'm ashamed the reputation that this is giving Texas as a state, there are still thousands of people there in the dark areas of close-mindedness, so a full on protest demonstration needs to be organized in large numbers, not a violent protest, but a big enough stand to let them know that what they've done is not right, they can't arrest everyone and I'd gladly go jail to put another foot in the door of the gay civil rights movement of this decade, if the protest ended in that direction. Most people wouldn't say the same. I will also be notifying Ft. Worth city and police officials with the provided addresses and contact information.

Final word being the police officers were in the wrong, regardless of whether they were actually groped or not. They had no right to do what they did in any situation unless he had pulled out a gun or some other form of physically offensive weaponry and threatened them. This is a good ol fashioned gay bashing and there is no other explanations around that. I will be keeping an eye on this and watching to see what develops in order of a protest or action towards getting the word out on this happening.

My heart goes out to Chad and I really hope he recovers from this to fight back for what was done to him.