Santa Ynez Valley, Ca
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Jul 18, 2013 yakdan commented on Libertarianism Never Works in the Real World.
@10 you nailed it. That is the full and total extent that any libertarian would want to to do in an ideal libertarian world. Thanks for the education.
Mar 7, 2012 yakdan commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Limits of GGG.
I might be projecting here, but I got the feeling that the writer didn't feel like men in general were trying hard enough in the relationship. If your man if not taking care of you, perhaps sometime with another person who appreciates you is in order?
Oct 18, 2011 yakdan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dump the Fucker Mother Already.
@1 that is exactly what I was thinking. It is amazing how 1/2 of a couple will get a pass when they are enabling the shit behavior of the other 1/2.
Jun 28, 2011 yakdan commented on And This Concludes MailBagSlutGate..
so sweet.
Jun 27, 2011 yakdan commented on Help Me Answer My Mail, Sloggers!.
You should call her out and respond with a good old fashion face to face cat fight.
Be sure to video it and put it up on FB.
Oct 28, 2010 yakdan commented on PETA Offers to Pay Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Bill If She Goes Vegan.
That wasn't very clear. Why shouldn't we give money to PETA? Its a great group doing what we all should be doing.
Oct 22, 2010 yakdan updated his or her location.
Jul 23, 2010 yakdan commented on I, Anonymous.
Loved @8.

Newsflash if you bred and have a baby shower you are going to need to write thank you notes again.
Jul 8, 2010 yakdan commented on Um... What?.
Dan you make me smile.
Jul 6, 2010 yakdan commented on Help Me Out, Slog.
I have stayed here for business many times and think it is great:
Club Quarters‎
424 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94111-3207
(415) 392-7400

I will be returning to here next week which is across the street from the Black Horse a very nice little bar:

Pacific Heights Inn‎
1555 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 776-3310