Jul 31, 2013 YTAH commented on Media Conglomerate Would Rather Throw Money Away Than Make a Movie Starring a Strong Female Lead.
TANK GIRL was great. Strong female character, right? There are several strong female characters in comics generally, especially now. And as Gail Simone has tweeted, the movie wouldn't suck if Hollywood didn't insist on having shills (who neither know nor care about the material) make them.
Jul 1, 2013 YTAH commented on Obama Bats for Big Pharma in India.
Equal Treatment, the magazine for South Africa's Treatment Action Campaign, did a fantastic issue about IP issues in relation to generic medicines. Most of Big Pharma's talk on this is BS. Particularly if you consider how much of the funding for "innovation and research" comes from taxpayers: http://www.tac.org.za/community/node/321…
Jun 26, 2013 YTAH commented on Is It Really So Awful to Imagine the Death of Conservative Supreme Court Justices?.
I will only vote in this poll if POTUS stops spying on my internet activity. Wait, no, who am I kidding. OF COURSE I'll vote in this poll!

Everybody dies eventually.
Jun 11, 2013 YTAH commented on How Can You Beat the NSA? Eat Your SIM Card.
Africa is a Country is a great site. Check them often - you will laugh.
May 13, 2013 YTAH commented on The Spazz Age.
But if I hated Moulin Rouge, I will hate this movie, right?

Because I hated Moulin Rouge.
Feb 4, 2013 YTAH commented on Prince or Sting: Who Would You Rather?.
If your only options are Sting and Prince, there can be no winners here.
May 22, 2012 YTAH commented on Israel Is for Jews.
Well caught, The Accidental Theologist @8. In the same week, the Israeli govt. branded South Africa "racist" for suggesting a change to branding laws that would require vendors to label goods made by Israeli settlers in Palestine as originating from Occupied Palestinian Territory. Currently many products are labelled as coming from Israel. Ironies, like injustices, abound.
Mar 21, 2012 YTAH commented on The LGBT Commission Apologizes for Canceling Meeting with Israeli Visitors.
Having attending an Israeli Apartheid week at a South African university recently, I can assure the commission that they made the right decision. If they wanted to have a reasoned debate about this issue, rest assured: it is near impossible, and it is certainly not possible to do so without making the Palestinian issue a central topic. If they do decide to have this debate, and I would encourage them to do so, they need to organise it very well and be prepared for an absolute barrage of special-interest speakers, including a number of rabid Israeli supporters (who are paid for attending events like this and) who read all their statements and responses from a web site specifically designed for the purpose.

Oh, and as for the "boo hoo, the poor Palestinians" comments: you obviously understand nothing about the extent of the persecution that Palestinian civilians suffer at the hands of this regime. At least two of the speakers at the Israeli Apartheid week argued, the main difference between Israel's occupation of Palestine and South Africa's Apartheid system is that the Israeli system seems harsher and more cruel. Say "boo hoo" to the Israeli man who, while attending a peaceful protest against the occupation of Palestine, saw a sniper shoot an unarmed 15yo in the stomach and then saw the same sniper shoot an Israeli protester in the head when the latter came to help him.
Nov 30, 2011 YTAH commented on A Fucking Brilliant Ad.
If you ever come to South Africa, Charles, let me know and I'll buy you half a chicken.
Sep 26, 2011 YTAH commented on Why Socialism Is Right.
What a wonderful thought. Many thanks for providing a lovely start to my Monday.