Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jul 16 usagi commented on Savage Love.
WTS: Olive oil. A teeny, tiny bit. Add a 1/4 teaspoon at a time until you're where you want to be. Seriously, don't overdo it. Oil wrestling sounds hot, but the practicalities--once was enough. Make sure you have some good grease-cutting dish soap for the shower after.

NHG's boyfriend: DTMFA. Jealous of a dog? Really?

@27: "ends-meeter" Are you familiar with the idiom "making ends meet"? It means having enough money to get through to one's next paycheck having covered all the basic living expenses (food, shelter, etc.). Dan's suggesting this person is escorting to cover the gap between her monthly expenses and the income from her job; escorting is her second, part-time job.
Jul 15 usagi commented on German Parliamentarian Wants Government to Use Typewriters to Evade NSA Spying.
Germany cozeying up to Russia? What could possibly go wrong...
Jun 16 usagi commented on Wealthy Republicans Want Mitt Romney to Run for President in 2016.
Romney must be just aching to go through not releasing his tax records again, and unlike Obama, I'd put money Hillary would hammer him into the turf with a sledgehammer over it.
I'm not completely convinced Romney can clear the primary this time. The Republican base is even more radical than it was in 2012, and they spent months running through not-Romneys until he was the only one left in the field. He won the nomination by simple attrition, not because he had a base of people who passionately wanted him to become President.
I'm still waiting for one former colleague to come out with a story about what a great guy he was to work with. I don't remember seeing a single story to that effect last time. I was half expecting someone from Bane to pipe up that they made all that cash despite Romney, not because of him.
Toward the end of 2012, I started describing Romney as "that boss." The one everyone, I don't care what your political affiliation, hates. Incompetent, in over his head, but demands the praise of his subordinates for the job he's doing. That Boss never ends well. If the company enables him (generally the case when this person is the owner's kid), the personnel turnover and the stream of bad decisions kills the company (which is pretty much the last six months of the 2012 campaign).
Jun 12 usagi commented on Neil Gaiman Is "Obviously Pissed at Amazon".
@2 A whole bunch of authors who have managed to reach the point of being able to make a living through their writing courtesy of Hachette care a whole great honking lot. Fans of the above mentioned, and that's a good-sized chunk of the reading public, care.
Bias! Oh nos!! Because nothing that Amazon is saying themselves is in any way biased towards their preferred narrative at all. They are but simple naifs to the world of media bereft of any means to get their side of the story before both the public and their customers. Only an obsessed socialist stooge would fail to take every word from Amazon concerning their business practices as the pure and unvarnished truth, pure as the driven snow fallen gently to the earth from a soaring mountain peak.
Jun 12 usagi commented on Urging a Site to Take Down Video of a Horrific Car Crash Isn't "Censorship," Gawker.
"Faces of Death" tapes made someone some money back in the day (which is to say the 80s).
I don't know why people always feign shock about this. We're less than a century from public executions being a form of entertainment in this country. There's barely a layer of topsoil over the sentiment.
Also, he's doing it wrong. Asking people not to click only drives traffic their way. Asking people to write the sponsors (or wherever their money is coming from) and inquire if they want their brand tied to videos of people dying is the way to get it buried.
Jun 10 usagi commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dom and Dommer.
UF, there aren't any pieces to pick up. Consent runs both ways. He's told you it's over. Let it go. Learn from it.
Dan, I think you're being a little rough on the Dom. Could he have handled it better? Probably. Assuming the writer is a reliable narrator, I'm getting that she didn't put all of her cards on the table about her past until things started blowing up. One makes certain assumptions about someone in their mid-30s that one doesn't about someone in the their mid-20s, which sounds a bit closer to her relative relationship age. I say that in sympathy as someone who missed some important years of dating practice hiding in the closet for a lot of years and being a high schooler in my 20s' relationships as a result. This shit takes practice.
May 7 usagi commented on Savage Love.
BBB, maybe if you came across as less of a selfish prick, you'd have better luck with the alleyway hook-ups with women who are down for some traditional cheating.
Apr 29 usagi commented on Rick Santorum Is Running for President.
He's been running since he bowed out of 2012.
And you're wrong about the percentage of the gay vote. About 25% will vote for the Republican no matter who it is. That's the way it's broken for the last several decades except when they said something that could be construed as slightly pro-gay and did better.
Apr 28 usagi commented on John Oliver Is Over Oregon's Twee Bullshit.
Has Oracle ever delivered a product that worked, anywhere, ever? Because I'd love to hear that it happened at least once. I know exactly no one who's ever said something to the effect of, "Yeah, the new Oracle software's in. It's working okay. Usual hitches on any big IT project, but it's looking pretty promising."
Apr 22 usagi commented on How Did Hollywood's Leading Men Get So Ripped?.
Look at some gay porn from the 80s or the Leather Archives tumblr (same thing). I'm in better shape & I just swim a few times a week (hell, I felt amazing watching Clark Gable box in a movie a while back--my body looks ten times better than his, and he was the sexiest man alive for a few decades).
Look at the Mission Impossible TV series. They had a strongman on the team who'd be a welterweight in a suburban gym these days. Hell, compare Tom Cruise circa Risky Business vs. MI:II.
Look at the original Rocky or the poster of Rocky IV. Stallone built his 80s career on having that body and Dolph Lundgren looked like a freak at the time. Compared to any movie leading man nowadays, they're both kind of small.

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