Oct 8, 2016 Lalala commented on Paul Ryan: "Victims of Sexual Assault Deserve Full Protection".
His manspread while signing a sexual assault rights bill is so wide he's touching that woman's leg without a thought.
Jul 7, 2014 Lalala commented on Fashion News From the Animal Kingdom: The New Chimp Trend Is "Grass-in-the-Ear".
Its a strong look Charles. I may try a more feminine leaf in the ear.
Dec 28, 2013 Lalala commented on Her.
Paul said that Phoenix had a "Vonnegut-like mustache". That's how the comment 3 is relevant.
Sep 25, 2013 Lalala commented on Strange Words the City Said to Me.

Charles writes about " the city". Not you, not Megan. (I'll let her know to go back to the lady writing.)
Also, only Charles writes about anything international unless it has a gay angle then he doesn't. UNLESS Mugabe is involved.
So keep out there too buddy.
What are you doing getting off your beats?Pssh, next you'll see Paul covering Hump or Dan writing about dance.
Sep 18, 2013 Lalala commented on Approaching 10,000,000 Views.
After misting up I thought "Dang, Mr. Propser gets to wear the tight suit and Propsee is there in Going-to-Home Depot clothes. It was lovely though. And Proposee with his hands over his heart was just wonderful. Im sure he'll look uber sharp at the wedding. Best wishes guys
Aug 27, 2013 Lalala commented on SL Letter of the Day: Open Your Mouth.
@7- very funny,"Blame Canada".
Aug 10, 2013 Lalala commented on The Best of Slog: A Very Hairy Primary, the Importance of Being Armed While Buying Coffee, and Very Short Sad Stories.
I thought the headline read "A very hairy Primate" and thought, "well yes, most of them, especially orangutans." Reading is fun-damental.
Jul 27, 2013 Lalala commented on Amazon's Kindle Porn Conundrum.
MacCrcodile. You made me l to the ol. Thanks.
Jul 15, 2013 Lalala commented on Zimmerman Verdict? I Wish Ted Nugent Would Shut His F*cking Fool Mouth.
@1: Nah, he just shows up with shit from his mouth now.