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Jul 23, 2013 johnjohn commented on My Parents Told Me the Sad Truth About America.
Sometimes I wonder how it must have been living through the civil rights era and marvel at how uninformed and oblivious I am . It's also kind of amazing to me that we consider driving a privilege but gun ownership a right . i didn't wright the laws but i'm not amazed at the outcome of the case mentioned in the article , is this guy still allowed to carry a firearm?
Jun 9, 2013 johnjohn commented on Street Harassment.
the whole " what men need is a wake-up call: you are the problem " is kinda sexist sorry but it just is . if you don't believe me change the word men with some other demographic .... " what jews need is a wake-up call: you are the problem" see now it sounds like Hitler or "what black people need is a wake-up call: you are the problem" now its just racist. i think they should have just edited that line out. otherwise it was a fine attempt at bringing to light a form harassment that is unwanted, upsetting and is just generally annoying for everyone .
May 23, 2013 johnjohn commented on Savage Love.
Is WSN actually 21yrs old? this would be a compleatly normal problem for a 14 yr old girl to wright to Dan about and given the popularity of his advise column and his internet presence it's not even all that unlikely ? i have a hard time imagining that someone intelligent enough to compose a letter AND who also happens to be over the age of 21 would have written this but my name isn't Mystic Meg
Apr 26, 2011 johnjohn commented on Gay Ball.
@13 It's ironic for a member of a community that is petitioning for acceptance to offer so little. Is there really some kind of epidemic happening where gay bars are being overrun by str8's ?
Mar 24, 2011 johnjohn commented on Minutiae and Detritus from a Long Texas Weekend.
Nah, southern California has the worst women around. sorry to insult any cool chicks who are from or live in so-cal but in all my travels/experience so-cal ranks the worst in romance. too many fake boobs, fake faces and fake personalities who are only interested in dating ken dolls. PNW ladies are not that bad.
Oct 15, 2010 johnjohn commented on Savage Love.
has anyone forgotten that teens have been committing suicide for a long time now, regardless of sexual orientation ! society really sucks sometimes
Aug 5, 2010 johnjohn commented on Savage Love.
@question 1. what the hell? you have decided to be in a monogamous relationship and the very first thing you need advice on is how to have a 3 way ? without giving your partner the idea that its ok to screw other people? you cant! maybe consider being friends with benefits instead and when everyone else in your life has bailed and the two of you are still together, still friends and still into each other; maybe then taking it to the "next level" . wow! lots of comments about vibrators this week. I've got nothing to add . personally I'm continuously amazed that women are attracted to men . the rational side of my brain tells me it must be something else, like our wallets they're secretly after. while this is sometimes true and there's a lot to be said for the whole "security & stability" thing it seams that in many cases women like us period . without any rhyme or reason or secret agenda .
Aug 3, 2010 johnjohn commented on Savage Love.
cupcakes! try dildos . most guys have about as much animosity towards there girlfriends dildo/vibrator as most girls have for finding out there boyfriends watch porn . not a completely fair comparison but whatever
Jul 14, 2010 johnjohn commented on Savage Love.
@ 56 niccccce! @ 46 totally agree choose the action chose the consequence. very applicable
Jun 21, 2010 johnjohn commented on Savage Love.
what the hell is with all the dress your age comments ? what the hell does that mean? you can walk around capital hill in a speedo and a swimming cap for all i care. we all have to accept some responsibilities but sometimes you really should say fuck what other people think. I'm not a god damn robot . i have much respect for individuals who are not afraid to express themselves . wearing a traffic cone as a hat,,, hell yes! seriously have you seen some of the people in the city who are convinced bike shorts are the way to go? ... thats my rant i know that the "dress your age" comments are ment to address a specific problem