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Jul 1, 2009 scottinWDC commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Here's the letter I sent to all email addresses provided.
To The City Council, Mayor Moncrief, and Forth Worth Police;

I am appalled to learn of the actions of the Forth Worth Police department and their aggressive raid of the Rainbow Lounge.
What happened to philosophy of to Serve and Protect? I'm guessing you operate as a police 'force' not as public service.

It's disheartening to learn your police Chief, Jeff Halstead is blowing off the aggressive actions of his officers acting like Chad Gibson deserves the traumatic brain injuries he's surviving. Mayor Moncrief, why are you allowing the officers and the chief to continue to serve after this violent action? They should be removed from duty immediately and an outside organization should conduct an investigation in to this police brutality.

Halstead saying, "I'm happy with the restrained used...." is saying I'm happy this guy has a brain clot and could die. He'll never recover from the medical bills he'll sustain from the police departments brutality and still may die from his injuries if the blood clot does not dissolve.

Mayor Moncrief and the City Council must take action and stop this from ever happening again and these officers should lose their jobs.

Seeking justice and equality.

Scott Roewer
Washington, DC