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Apr 19, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
Is there such a thing as NSA dating? You go out, have a nice time, and possibly have sex at the end depending on the dynamic and that's it.
Apr 18, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
I think the mixed-gamous relationship thing is cool if both people are willing to sign up for it and the person who identified as polygamous was actually willing to let their partner try outside partners and activities if and when they changed their mind, like sissoucat and xiaoGuii17 demonstrate in their comments.

Still from a monogamist standpoint I don't know which would be worse; jealousy or lack of companionship?
Apr 17, 2014 Really Now... commented on SL Letter of the Day: Kinda Asexual.
@12 Which why you shouldn't rush into a lifelong commitment before figuring out each others lows and highs.

@11 I enjoy flirting occasionally but not NSA sex so I avoid situations or direct them gently to a polite end if I realize that they're heading in that direction. So that hopefully both I and the person I flirted with got something out of the interaction without them feeling lead on. In all likelihood it would be perfectly fine for him to go out on dates and etc, but if it ever reached the point that sex was about to become a major part of the relationship then it would be fucked up not to say something or find a graceful way to bow out without hurting the other person.
Apr 16, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
@23 I just know that when my hormones get out of whack and make sexual fulfillment more difficult, a little sesame oil straightens things out. There's also a decent assortment of female homeopathic arousal ointments, pills and lubes but I can't recommend them since I've never used them.
Apr 15, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
@16 FTW, though you might have been a little harsh.

Seriously, though SHAG it might be your hormones, lack of sleep or just a lack of novelty. I rub a little sesame oil down below if I'm in a rut or change technique (do you take turns initiating?). I also remember reading that new locations and/or situations can add novelty. So I guess what I'm saying is you should cover your genitals in sesame oil and ambush your partner in an unfamiliar location. If you don't end up in jail your relationship just might be saved.

Important disclaimer: Do not attempt in states with "Stand Your Ground" or generous conceal carry permits.
Apr 15, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
@265 Noted and filed. Sex is awesome for women too. I can't speak for us beyond that though since I tend to avoid NSA sex due to my way of attaching too much emotional significance to my partner, which is very awkward outside a relationship.
Apr 15, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
@251 Ha...thanks for the weird link. I try to stay with standard battery operated equipment though. And don't worry, the Doc Martens finally went to Goodwill to serve another.
Apr 15, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
@249 Thanks, it doesn't bother me anymore. And yeah, my friends were actually the worst but quite a few girls I hadn't had much contact with before gave me a kind of weird approval.

Yes, I can agree that those kind of dry marriages may need lots of affordable mayonnaise.
Apr 14, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
@244 While I can see where you're coming from I'm kind of tired of this presenting escorts as the mayonnaise of the mature sex life. I'm not against them and to be honest I'd be tempted to see one myself if the ones out here weren't mostly female drug addicts working for their next high, but suggesting escorts as a quick fix for the inequality of the sexual exchange is a bit much.

Plus, you have to understand that women are still penalized to a certain extent for sexual activity. I had sex at 15 and most of the "nice" straight laced guys at school pretty much didn't talk to me after despite going to elementary school and up with me. So as a woman sometimes you have to weigh variety with selection, at least in small towns. Though perhaps my assessment of my experience might be somewhat iffy; perhaps it was the combat boots and biracial-ness that scared them off afterall.
Apr 14, 2014 Really Now... commented on Savage Love.
@231 I think we're talking around each other more than we're agreeing. I was suggesting it's silly to obsess over something that can't be proved regarding your partner's motives for fucking you. I'm sure you could clarify where you stand with an escort pretty quickly by haggling, short changing or even refusing to pay. In fact I recall a group of secret service agents learning that lesson the hard way not too long ago.