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Jul 1, 2009 uberlefty commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Texas sucks and if people still live there at this point I assume its because they like sucking. I grew up in a conservative logging town in the Northwest. The people there were ignorant rednecks. I moved to someplace where people weren't ignorant rednecks. Its really that simple. Places like Texas are shithead magnets and the only way you can deal with it is by LEAVING. Part of what brought down the iron curtain was the brain drain of freedom loving people. Texas needs a brain drain of smart liberal people. Those people make a disproportionate economic contribution and cultural contribution. You are not running, you are denying the ignorant the benefits of your talents. In the meantime you need to look at the database of the sheriffs political contributors. Any business owner should be the subject of a boycott of their products. The Christian right has used this tool for years with much success.

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