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Sep 4, 2009 Zioncheck commented on The Smart Stuff of Tonight's Back-to-School Artwalk (Oy, September).
The place upstairs from Lawrimore Project - I forget the name, sorry! - had the most amazing small show of wall work I've seen here. Incredible drawings, etchings, and things between those and a painting, by a slew of folks I'd never heard of before, and a couple lovely pieces I'd have bought (I last bought art five years ago) if I'd had the money. Go: the show is phenomenal.
Sep 4, 2009 Zioncheck commented on The Death Crying.
Crying rules, and so does Charles Mudede. But he is confused about crying and has mistaken it for driving.
Sep 2, 2009 Zioncheck commented on Whose Beard Is Better?.
I got it, Frizzelle looks like Eli Sanders.

Yrs, Matt Damon
Sep 2, 2009 Zioncheck commented on Whose Beard Is Better?.
Brissey looks like Schmader. Nipper looks like Anderson Cooper. Frizzelle looks like some dude.

Yrs, Rainn Wilson
Aug 30, 2009 Zioncheck commented on Our Hero.
Bush down shoes!
Aug 29, 2009 Zioncheck commented on KFC.
Rancho Bravo is better than any 'kind' of weed ipso facto, because weed's most significant tendency is to flatten all distinctions. The best weed ever would by its very nature limit its own access to excellence (and yours, dear smoker). And Rancho Bravo is deliriously good, and sincerely Mexican, and in the dead center of the Hill.
Aug 26, 2009 Zioncheck commented on Joe Mallahan Is an Idiot.
Hmm, a swarm of unfamilar commenters defending Mallahan at the beginning of the comments, then a more predictable pro/con trickle beginning some eight or ten comments down. One thing you can say for Mallahan's people, they keep their finger in the wind.

If Seattle isn't bending over far enough for big business already, a Mayor Mallahan should complete the soul-sucking of this city.
Aug 25, 2009 Zioncheck commented on Those Were The Days.
Suburbs exist for the debasers of society to sit a safe distance from their victims.
Aug 20, 2009 Zioncheck commented on Metro-Natural!.
Will, you can catch a bus every 12 minutes for 19 hours of the day in an area of central LA about twice the size of the city of Seattle: they go FAST. They opened a light rail line this year and are set to open another next year (to add to the 72 miles of rail already built). The air in LA is actually pretty clean most of the time - definitely however due more to strict emissions controls than lifestyle.

In Mexico City about one out of ten people have access to a car, and so some twenty million people get around every day exclusively on foot, bikes, circulator bus, long-distance bus, subway, and light rail. The air is pretty bad - think L.A. in the 70s - but this is mostly due to geography. Certainly no group of 25 million Americans produce so little pollution per capita.

The environments of these cities are more a result of having five and twelve times the population of the Seattle metropolitan area. If they lived like Seattleites do, these places would be hellish - and they aren't. Seattle: the last to know, the last to go.
Aug 20, 2009 Zioncheck commented on What The Hell Am I Doing In LA?.
Picked the wrong month to leave LA I guess! Rock it!