Jul 22, 2009 MrsK commented on Surrender, Douchebags!.
Like this vulgar church wedding?? LOL


Love you, Dan - you have my wholehearted, hetero, church-going, child-raising support and I teach my kids how to be open-minded and loving, rather than bigoted and full hate. Time is on your side, although you shouldn't have to wait. Eventually you will win - and a victory for love and equality is a victory for EVERYONE, not just gays.
Jul 6, 2009 MrsK commented on The Armed Wing Of The ACLU.
I'm not from Alaska, so I can't speak to the pro-gun/anti-gun leanings of any political party there, but I am from Missouri, which has its fair share of Right-Wing crazies. That being said - I'm a liberal, and a mother, and I support gun rights, but I support them the same way I support people's right to drive a car: you need to be licensed, you need to show you understand how to operate it safely and the laws governing the use of it, and it needs to come up for renewal every so often. It also should be a privilege that can be revoked for unacceptable behavior - like criminal offenses, harassment and stalking charges, etc. Other than that, I say the government should keep out of it. I don't think the pro-gun stance necessarily carries a political distinction with it - I know I'd hate to be lumped in with the GOP.
Jul 6, 2009 MrsK commented on Their First Mistake.
Thank god he appears to be doing ok - praying he stays that way. I hope those officers are fired and he gets a nice settlement from the city. I swear, sometimes it seems the only way government officials will stand up and take notice of something like this is when you start hitting them where it hurts - the bank account. Good luck to Chad.
Jul 1, 2009 MrsK commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Here's my letter to the mayor and council members who have not commented yet:

Dear Mayor and Councilmembers,

I have been following the news stories about Chad Gibson and the raid your police department made on a local gay bar. While not being an eyewitness myself, the accounts I have read all seem to point towards the same conclusion: your police officers acted with excessive force, and without cause. Now a young man's life is in danger, and he will certainly be saddled with enormous medical bills if he lives. I am confused as to why the entire council did not come forward with one voice to call for an investigation into this incident. I am confused as to why the mayor has been silent thus far. I am outraged that your police chief is defending his officers' actions by resorting to what is essentially a Gay Panic defense. I mean to donate time and money to the legal associations that will step up to represent this man in his civil action against the city - or perhaps his family's wrongful death suit against the city, God forbid. I look forward to reading your public statements regarding this crime.