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Aug 23, 2013 daws commented on Facing Eviction.
Because a large chunk of hiring and employment is done by firms who achieve the capacity to profitably employ people by way of state subsidy and tax-dodging (long-term permission of Microsoft monopoly, Amazon online sales tax exemption, Boeing contracting by US military) and lots of work is either meaningless or contributive to levels of production and consumption that the planet can't afford, I'm really not tripping on paying some people with hard luck to chill. If they did make it into the labor market they'd probably just replace some other broke people and make it even looser, which given the long-term fall in min and median wages vs productivity is hardly necessary.

The talk about whether there's an "obligation" to help these people is silly. My clothes were made by children. Obviously there are no obligations, obviously there is no God. Plant investment is low, hiring is slow. Money will not be more efficiently spent than on helping people eat and sleep safely.

If a lady and a 14 year old girl move here because living in a homeless camp, with its Babylon amenities, is worth the hassle of moving all the way from Indiana, then I am glad that they are no longer in the situation that they were in in Indiana.

I agree that spending on stuff like replacement of perfectly good sidewalks and forcing willy nilly employment for its own sake is ridiculous. If we want streets to be safe for blind people we need streets without cars, not sidewalks with bumps.
Aug 12, 2013 daws commented on Texas Is the Nightmare Stupidity of the Human World.
dang not good

the only alternative energy comes from calories and sleep

shorten the work week, shorten our commutes
Jul 7, 2013 daws commented on Venezuela Offers Snowden Asylum.
so an attorney wouldn't possibly have said "that national security exception might extend to your ass"?

Libya was/is a shitshow. tens of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans were murdered by the rebels in their NATO-supported sweep toward and into Tripoli, and the many, many workers from some of the poorest countries in the world still haven't restored remittance schedules feeding families back home, with the economy largely interrupted by mayhem.

There's no reason to expect a Syrian expedition, aerial or holistic, would go better. There is no resume of clean conflict.

Venezuela is surely corrupt (though their corruption problems are minor league vs. liars' loans, liars' wars, etc, whose scale is greater than anything close enough to Chavista fingers to be stolen there) and tragically unsafe, though hardly moreso than a US prison, but there are lots of babes and nice people, there, and good health and dental care
Jul 5, 2013 daws commented on Drunkinng with Charlse Mudede.
I think Marxian bigotry against the provinces mostly comes from the failure of the confiscated farms.

Didn't the best intact revolutions start in the countryside?
Apr 23, 2013 daws commented on Buddhists Attacking Muslims.
@2 most religions I'm familiar with have some pretty pragmatic, adaptable preservative clauses and update patches re: turf wars

right from the start we can see that if I think you and your family are going to hell if ya'll don't roll with my faith it's not as bad from my standpoint to kill you (sending you to the hell you were going, in any case failing the ever-elusive conversion) where it improves my chances of converting the rest of your family and saving them from going to hell or just favors the people who aren't doing things that offends my patron wizard and prompts his condemning them to burn forever

even as a person with a mostly Marxian view of the past I see our "actually-existing" record of practice and anticipation of proletarian revolution mostly as a religious movement and I'm hella jealous of a lot of the humanitarian and anti-capitalist gassin' of formal religion right now
Jan 6, 2013 daws commented on What We Really Want to Hear from the Candidates Running for Mayor.
what's the history of public universal tutoring programs like?

It seems that with the huge problems of un(derrr)employment and student underachievement, as well as the strong tradition of tutoring in improving academic performance, a massive hiring of enough workers who pass simple standardized tests (since that's the measure for students nowadays) for 20 hours a week at 12-14 bucks an hour or w/e to give each public high school student 2 hours of weekly tutoring might be inexpensive relative to common school expenditures. is this true?
Dec 16, 2012 daws commented on The Mythic Powers of the American Gun Economy.
to be fair to the gun industry there is probably a lot more generated via system d in illicit sales, including exports (the countries to our south have become gun racks, too), security credentialing and contract killings
May 15, 2012 daws commented on I, Anonymous.
thsi is raw
May 11, 2012 daws commented on My Philosophy.
darn homie have you been writing about that stuff? that sounds like a great, important story (especially re: awareness of that whitecore other half 'cause they really are strapped and aktive). names of towns, populations etc your trip sounds like a great american novel
May 3, 2012 daws commented on I Want Joe Biden.
he had prudent advice (that was defeated) on Afghanistan strategy and had a moonbeamy proposal to free the Iraqi Kurds. I love him

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