Aug 26, 2009 LZRSOS commented on Dear Yoko: This Is an Intervention.
It's unfortunate that this peice evolved the way it did, in the least organic way possible. SAM gave everybody the pacifier that they would have cryed about by removing the nail that was driven through the chain connected to the hammer. This nail in effect crippled the peice and made it very difficult to get any momentum when swinging the hammer. Somebody at SAM decided that the people of Seattle deserved to to feel important and removed this nail. This action alone extended the life of the peice and enabled the giant tribute to garbage and nothingness that exists on the gallery wall today. I'm sure Yoko Ono would be very pleased to see the droves of fannypack wearing rednecks that come into the museum just because they have air conditioning, rifle through their wallets and nail whatever reciepts they have to wall. Amanda Mae is pretentious and boring in her her attempts at subversion. SAM is an amusement park and everybody loves that stupid ride with the hammer and nails.
Jul 2, 2009 LZRSOS commented on Paul Constant Reviews Twitter.
Paul I think you are forgeting the main reason that people dislike Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and fads in general. It's not the concept, or the way it's used- it's the fact that people that use them will not shut the hell up and stop preaching like a bunch of missionaries to the non-converted. I'm not against Twitter, just the babbling idiots that won't talk about anything else.