Jul 2, 2009 Hazza commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.

As much as your heartfelt defence of Fort Worth is understandable you also have to realise that that events such as these, when coupled with already forged preconceptions, are somewhat damning to the image of the region from an outsiders point of view.

If you want to do something regarding this then email the Mayor and Police Department and state not only your condemnation for recent events but also of the fact that individuals, such as myself (I'm British, emailing from the UK) are now becoming aware of the story and the vision of Fort Worth as a stereotypical backwards Texan town, where bigotry, institutionalised hate crimes and general intolerance not only occur but are seemingly accepted within the 'system', is growing resolutely. As more and more people become aware of this story and become active participants the more this image of your town will be hardened and if it's to be averted the police force needs to take action against the perpetrators and the Mayor needs to release a statement of condemnation.

If you really want to dispel the 'myth' of Fort Mason as an "epicentre of homophobia" I believe this is the best action you can take.