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Jul 3, 2009 disgusted_reader commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Jul 2, 2009 disgusted_reader commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Okay, this is ridiculous. First: The owner of the establishment knew about the raid and agreed on the date, further more, the raid was to be on Friday, but the owner requested Saturday. Hmm I wonder why. A new bar that needs to drum up business? What better then a huge "sudden raid" on your bar the same day as stonewall to drum up some business? I'll tell you what's better: if that raid goes horribly wrong! National media coverage, plus ridiculous, irresponsible, sensationalists like Dan Savage equal a gay bar that is suddenly the "Texas gay destination," and making TONS of money. Second: It is ridiculous and irresponsible to twist the things Jeff Halstead says. A little bit of research will tell you Jeff isn't even from Texas, so the idea that this is that old "Texas Mindset" is just ignorant. Don't you see that by Savage writing a passage in "southern dumb drawl" is just as much an attack on Jeff Halstead as it is an attack on all of you readers from the south. Are all of you ignorant just because you come from a southern town? Why aren't you as offended by this as I am? I am gay, and I've also been to a ton of gay bars. The fact is, there is a lot of people behaving this way. If you try to deny that, then you are a liar. These bars have become sexually charged environments ESPECIALLY on a Saturday nights because the gay community has the mindset of an oppressed minority and behaves as such, acting out drastically in a closed door environment. I've known Jeff Halstead for six years. This is a man who full heartedly believes in the rights of the people he works every day to protect. This is an honorable man with a wife and two sons. This is not a man who hates gays or works to oppress minorities, and this is CERTAINLY not just another redneck hick that came into power because he knows people.

To Dan Savage:
The way you twisted Jeff Halsteads words is despicable. I am disgusted by you and ashamed to have you associated with a community I love so dearly. I understand a desire to fight for your community, but to word it like this just gives our community another little needed black eye. It serves as a source for dissent, and another reason for the other side to hate us. The story itself is enough, and if you feel the need to trump it up in such a way, maybe it's not worth reporting.
Oh and by the way, next time you want to make a person sound dumb, you shouldn't rely on stereotypes of southern ignorance. If anything, relying on stereotypes to belittle someone is worse when you do it, because you turn around and call foul when someone does it to you. If someone in the public eye twisted your words this way and put a "gay" accent on it, you would rip them apart, or is it okay to assume that just because a man has a lisp he is gay?

Dan Savage, you have made me ashamed of my community, and I would like to appologize to Jeff and his family for people like you. I can only hope comments like yours don't soil the image of the LGBT community in the eyes of those who are not a part of it.