Jul 2, 2009 Gine012 commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Is this how he gets paid back for the long service he has done?
Giving his life to protect his country, his family, friends.
How can we judge him for what he is. He should have the same right as we all do. It should
not matter if someone is gay or not. Who are we to judge. This is injustice.... its sad to see
that the SO CALLED REPUBLIC of america is not so democratic after all.
Where is the first amendment?
Where is the equal right?
He deserves something much better then this. Let us see how many would do the same job he has done,, give his life to his people, yet he gets rejected, just because he said he is gay.
What is the big deal about that? Would you like if some one kicks you out of your work and puts you on national TV just for the reason you are white/black/brown, etc.
We are all the same, we should not judge some one just because he is a little bit different then we think the most people are. After all maybe we are different then he is, maybe we are the psycho ones. Maybe we are, after seeing this happening.