Jul 2, 2009 divina commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
This is the letter I wrote:
To the Honorable City Council of Texas:

Living on the other side of the country it is difficult for some press to reach us when it happens in another city or state. It almost seems like fires, floods, and celebrity gossip are all that we are exposed to in the U.S.A. By pure accident did I find this article on what has recently occurred at the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth, TX; and my heart is in my throat. I no longer know how to take pride in the country of which I was born and raised. I no longer feel that this place can be remotely considered "the land of the free". What are we free to do? Obviously, the only people with any freedom's in your city are the police officers, who abused their authority. Wasn't, I am sorry, isn't their job to serve and protect their community? It appears the only protecting they were doing was that of their egos. Don't your police officers walk around equipped with guns? It makes no sense to me why it would take five men, who are obviously armed to put, Chad Gibson through this physical, mental and emotional anguish; and later let his family and loved ones deal with the aftermath.

What this team of officers did is an outrage, and seems all to similar to the Rodney King incident that caused so many riots. Is it the fact that these men are police officers that they aren't behind bars? Or because they were trying to uphold some archaic Biblical reference? If I recall correctly we were taught from a young age that God and Jesus wanted us to love our neighbors as much as they did. It is of my understanding of the world and extensive travels that touching or grabbing any officer is like trying to sneak into a lion's den to grab their groin. You just don't do it.

I hope that Justice is served to these abusive men, who don't know the true meaning about serving or protecting, humanity or their community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

-A heterosexual believer in Jesus and Mankind-
Seattle, WA


This is the letter I got back:

Thank you for your email concerning the unfortunate incident at the Rainbow Lounge. I have called for a complete and thorough investigation of this matter, and that all findings be formally reported to the full City Council.

Fort Worth has earned its well-established reputation as a community where all people are treated with respect. We pride ourselves on our active practice of the "Golden Rule" because we sincerely believe and adhere to the principles of individual liberty and common courtesy.

I firmly believe that ours is the finest, best-trained professional police department in the world, and any violation of civil rights by any citizen or employee will not be tolerated. Chief Halstead has guaranteed the citizens and Council this investigation will be handled in full compliance with the highest standards of conduct, civil rights and integrity.

I personally assure you that my fellow Council Members and I will insist upon the thorough scrutiny of this incident, and fully evaluate all the facts before issuing any official rulings.

Again, thank you for your inquiry.

Jungus Jordan
Council Member
City of Fort Worth
District 6