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Dec 19, 2012 sboberri reviewed Mamnoon.
I realize they are still very new, but this place is crap. Over priced, bland food in very small portions isn't going to last long. Then again, that's what you get when Microsoft moneybags who's never worked in the industry opens a restaurant.
Jul 3, 2009 sboberri commented on Savage Love.
Regarding the first letter, NSA:

Dan, I love your column; I love what an opinionated asshole you are most of the time. This is not one of those times.
First off, 3 months and you're not boning each other like sex-crazed teenagers? What in the hell is the honeymoon phase for anyway?? I won't say that all great relationships start out with amazing sex all the time, but I do stand tall on my soapbox that if you're having to make important compromises within the first trimester, you've got one bad relationship on your hands. Throw that one back into the lake honey.

My other beef is with your urging of this girl to engage in a threesome with someone she is confident can pleasure her, but she is no longer attached to, and another person who cannot pleasure her, but she is supposedly attached to. WTF?? Why not just buy them tickets to the next taping of the Ricki Lake show right now? (I know it doesn't exist anymore, but hey, who can resist referencing Ricki Lake?) Point is, I can understand you urging this girl to commence threesome action because of your own, clearly illustrated thoughts that a threesome is the solution in this matter. However, if she really loves this guy, and he's really as not ready to be dominant as she says he is, then a threesome with the dude who previously entertained and fulfilled her domination fantasies is not going to do any more than cause a lot of upset that could be better had over coffee and an otherwise regular "I need you to kink me up" discussion.

Shame on you, mister sex columnist