Darryl in Australia
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Jul 3, 2009 Darryl in Australia commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
I have sent the following email to the mayor, councillors and Fort Worth Police Department. I don't know if it will help, but at least if they read it they may comprehend that the rest of the world is watching. I am dumbfounded that such incidents happen in your country and support you all in fighting for equal rights. I am only able to offer support through emails, blogs etc as I live half a world away in Australia. My thoughts & prayers to Chad & his family.

"The news stories that I have read about the Fort Worth Texas police officers and TABC representatives actions at the recent raid on the Rainbow Lounge confirm the widely held view in Australia that Americans in general, and Texans in particular, are uneducated, insular people. Many refer to these type of people as rednecks, but "rednecks" seem to revel in that description not realising that it is in fact an insult.
This whole story just adds to my view that many Americans are extremely uneducated and un-worldy. Americans have an extremely low comparative rate of citizens with passports which points to the fact that many Americans do not travel beyond "their own backyard" and therefore have little or no understanding of any peoples or cultures different to themselves.
How sad that in this exciting globalised world in which we have so many opportunities to learn about others, that there are those who are so ignorant that they think it is acceptable to injure others who are different to themselves.
I thank God (or whichever supreme being you believe in, or don't believe in) that I don't live in Texas, or even the United States!
Yet another story for us Australians to tag with "only in America" and laugh at how backward and ignorant the United States is. You do realise that most Australians have no respect for the United States - most just laugh at the ridiculousness of your country and the Fort Worth Texas Rainbow Lounge incident gives us more reason to do so.
I grieve for the many American citizens who are not ignorant, insular, "rednecks". They have to live with the terrible reputation created by the few (who are often whole communities) who perpetrate such hideous crimes against other human beings."