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Jul 4, 2009 Beckwolf commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Being very pro-gay rights, I still have to side with the officers on this unless a single piece of evidence sides with the assumption making author of the article. The only lines in this article that show a hatred of gays is when the author places words in the mouths of the officers, with lines such as, "Allow me to translate the chief's comments..." ANY article that puts quotes around a line where the author is assuming the thoughts of an individual is NOT an article to be taken seriously. No hatred of gays has been proven here, the bias of the author is unreal, made especially obvious with the lie about most people in Fort Worth not knowing where a gay bar is even located. For the record, Fort Worth is fairly close to the single largest gay community in the entire country, and having lived in the area for six years I can guarantee that a huge percent of the people there can give directions to at least a dozen gay bars all within a short drive of the area.

The only facts listed in the article are that the police came into the bar and some people ended up being injured. Police say a man hit his head outside, author ASSUMES the injury happened intentionally based ONLY on his own personal bias. Not a single piece of evidence exists to show that the injury was caused by anything other than what the officer said happen. Unless a security video or a camera phone or ANYTHING is provided to show that the officers are lying, then to actually write a post claiming something else happened is among the poorest of tastes and the reason why today's young writers are so often not taken seriously. Extremism in support of gay rights is still extremism, and making assumptions of the innocent (if they are innocent of course, but nothing exists to show otherwise) only widens the rift. The author sounds just as hateful of straight people as anti-gay extremists are of the gay community.

Horrible articles like this are what further pushes apart the two communities. When an assumption can be made about gay people OR straight people, then we're faced with biased information that can't be relied upon. The ACLU needs to stay waaaaay the heck back unless FIRST something can be provided to show that the accusations of the writer are true, to do otherwise would be nothing other than intentionally creating a rift in order to garner attention, which never sides well with the accuser in the long run. If the Chief actually made the comments the author claimed the Chief was thinking (while in extremely poor editorial taste putting the assumption in actual QUOTES for god's sake!), then I'd be all over that Chief. But the fact remains that he NEVER made that comment, it was a thought bubble the author assumes the Chief was thinking without any reason to make that assumption.

Yes, gay people touch police officers inappropriately when police enter gay bars. I've witnessed it on more than one occasion. Guess what? Gay people are just regular people too, and drunk people do stupid things like grope strangers and tease cops. I've seen this happen to cops in gay bars, and I've seen it happen in straight bars. Anyone who claims that this never happens is stereotyping an entire group of people.

Here's the facts, ALL of the known facts. Police enter gay bar for inspection, people end up injured. Police make complaint of drunk people inappropriately making advances on them, something that DRUNK PEOPLE HAPPEN TO DO. Most serious injury, police claim man hit his head outside when they were trying to arrest him.....and that is ALL of the information. Not a single piece of actual known data suggests this had anything to do with the people in the bar being gay. Not a single piece of actual known data suggests that the Chief is against gay-rights. And that's it, the rest of the writing was all filler, assumptions and delusions on the part of someone who tries to gain support by making false and wild accusations against people without probable cause. Prove assault from the officers, do something about it. Prove it had to do with the people being gay, then do something about it. Otherwise, stop making assumptions and only making yourself out to be an extremist biased instigator.