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Jun 23, 2012 gormster commented on Hoping This Is a Hoax.
Holy shit, I hope this is real, and that kid is the fucking smartest kid in America.
May 30, 2012 gormster commented on SL Letter of the Day: John Shore's Advice to a Young Christian.
Sometimes I think Christianity - all organised religion, really - is doomed, and then I read something like this, and I realise that maybe we can strike a balance. Maybe we atheists and agnostics can live side-by-side with humanist Christians like Mr Shore, here. That was an incredible piece.
May 15, 2012 gormster commented on Savage Love.
Probably the worst column you've ever written. Who the hell is this trying to help? Are you drunk again?
Apr 15, 2011 gormster commented on The View From My Window.
Um, Dan, it always looks like that. What's amazing is when there are no clouds, and you can see for miles.
Dec 23, 2010 gormster commented on Tim Minchin Puts Your Depressing, Gray Morning in Perspective.
as the dude who emailed Dan the first Tim Minchin video he ever posted I take full responsibility for any enjoyment of this video. :D

and I'm going to see him play with the Sydney Symphony in March, yay
Nov 17, 2010 gormster commented on SL Letter of the Day: Why Don't You Do It In the Road....
PUOBHLICA, the problem isn't what you said, it's the way you said it. If you said "I don't want to blow my own horn, but we're both pretty attractive - not overweight and good muscle tone, etc.", it wouldn't have made you sound so infuriatingly narcissistic. Self-confidence is good, but a little humility is good, too.
Sep 27, 2010 gormster commented on SL Letter of the Day: If You Really Loved Me....
Tim Minchin is great, I'm soon going to go see him perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. "You Grew on Me" is one of the funniest and most heartrending songs I have ever heard, not to mention the most perfectly expressed metaphor in human history.
Sep 27, 2010 gormster commented on Don't Be Such A Fucking Dick, Faggot.
What a cunt.
Aug 2, 2010 gormster commented on A Major Santorum Leak.
Urgh. Could've done without that headline, Dan.
Aug 2, 2010 gormster commented on I Love Jesus.
holy crap something i suggested actually turned up in a dan savage column