Nov 13, 2014 Oast commented on What Are You Eating Tonight? What Are You Eating This Weekend?.
[Note to editor: thank you for preempting the inevitable comments regarding the gloriousness of mankind's most significant accomplishment. Putting yeast in grape juice is the fermentation equivalent of masturbation: it gets the job done, but there's a better option out there.]
Oct 21, 2014 Oast commented on Who IS Joel Romeo?.
@1 That's absurd.

It was a Jimmy Buffett record and it was $45.
Oct 13, 2014 Oast commented on First Draft.
Having the ABV listed on the menu should really be a bigger point of emphasis, particularly when a bar is serving so many beers over 8%. It's very irresponsible (negligent?) and only results in irritation, both for me and for the server who has to go down the list with me. (Not to mention that it's damn near impossible for someone to remember the alcohol content of 37 beers.) Noble Fir does this too and it drives me fucking nuts.
Oct 9, 2014 Oast commented on Yet Another Affordable Housing Complex Serving Needy Seattleites Is Up for Sale.
"there are a few of things that, ideally, I'd like to see happen here"

And I'd like free ice cream and some oral sex, in that order.
Oct 8, 2014 Oast commented on Eddie Yoon's Inspiring Plans for Supreme Court Defeat.
Poor Justice Johnson; that sounds humiliating. At least you SECB assholes could have warned him that you'd be discussing urine policy so he could have participated in the conversation.
Oct 2, 2014 Oast commented on Aphex Twin’s Syro Is Selling Like Mad in Seattle.
My only complaint with this release--and it's so minor and so unrelated to the music that it only emphasizes the point that this is a great release--is that with six sides on the LP, it should've been 45 RPM.
Sep 25, 2014 Oast commented on In Food News: Excitement in Ballard, Sweet Talk, and More.
So, as someone who studiously avoided eating at that Azteca for 10 years (primarily on the basis of my suspicion that a colitic dog was responsible for the refried beans), may I inquire as to what the Hotel Albatross crew uncovered?
Jun 24, 2014 Oast commented on What Is the MOST You've Paid for a Record?.
$110 (ca. 2007) for a nice copy of Music Has the Right to Children. And then Warp has to go and reissue the damn thing...
Jun 19, 2014 Oast commented on First Draft.
Your palate wasn't the only one that thought Sour Kettle was weak.

Don't forget about session IPAs for summer too. Stone's Go-To IPA is a nice one, with a light malt bill and a metric fuckton of citrusy hops. Firestone's Easy Jack is pretty decent too. Good beers to have when you're having six, though not available in cans.

Really enjoy this column. Keep up the good work.
May 28, 2014 Oast commented on Swedish Hospital Drops Protections for LGBT Employees.
"... or any other protected status."

This catch-all language incorporates the protections of the states in which Providence operates, without it having to pay its attorneys to research and draft different statements for each state. It doesn't change anything in Washington.

I'm disappointed by the click-bait post title, Dan. You're better than that.