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Mar 11 Steven Severin commented on Neumos Unveils Remodeled Showroom and Rechristened Runaway Bar.
Holy shit that was a funny comment above.

FYI, the hooks are up. We hadn't been able to get them done in time.

Jan 19 Steven Severin commented on Wake Up Early Tomorrow for KEXP's Peacemongering Bed-In as Trump Takes the Oath.
I saw this on JZ's Twitter feed and all I could think of is why? Why attack an idea that is designed to help people feel better on a day that will be one of my worst ever and def. one of the worst for our country. I think it's great that John Richards and KEXP are doing something to help distract me from the shit show known as Inauguration day. I really hope that people will do whatever they can to help tomorrow as tolerable as it can be and be nice to each other. There's a LOT of shit to criticize like the fact that so many people didn't bother to vote or that the media didn't take Baby Cheetoh serious enough to win the Pres. nomination. Let's go after things like that instead of attacking mutual friends who are only trying to help make Seattle and the world a better place as John does everyday. Can we just TRY and give Peace a Chance? Please? JZ please go pick another battle. One that's worth winning as this one clearly isn't.
Apr 25, 2016 Steven Severin commented on The City Council Will Soon Spend Half a Million Dollars More a Year on Staff.
Heidi have you talked to them about how the plan to pay for all of this? I have heard that they are looking at raising the taxes on small businesses. Seems a little absurd to me considering that's a lot of small businesses are still trying to figure out how to pay for the increased wages that they have to pay their staffs since a lot of them have not raise their prices yet. Surprising that city Council would do that after we just increased minimum wage. Love to hear what you know.
Aug 31, 2015 Steven Severin commented on I, Anonymous.
Seattle is so passive it's insane. Call people out. Name names. You want change? Do something? Make changes. Vote in every local election. It's fine to complain if you also take some action to make the changes. If you don't it falls on deaf ears. My two cents.
May 22, 2015 Steven Severin commented on Seattle Music Community Stunned by Untimely Death of Darius Minwalla.
Darius was one of those people that you would say he was such a nice guy. It's truly an understatement for those who knew him well. He was the nicest, sweetest, and most kind hearted friend a person could ask for. I was and still am devastated hearing the news. Originally I looked on his FB and there were no comments so I thought it was a really bad joke. He's too young and too good of a person for this to happen. It's so unfair. He was such a beautiful man who gave a lot of joy to people all over the world. He had just been in Japan so at least we know he was doing what he loved before his time came up. Thanks to Sean Nelson for this piece. Well done.
Apr 23, 2015 Steven Severin commented on What the Future of Policing in Seattle Looks Like, According to the SPD's New Technology Boss.
This looks like a lot of things are finally starting to happen to change the culture of the police in Seattle at least. I remain extremely cautious with a hint of optimism.
Jan 24, 2015 Steven Severin commented on Chop Suey to Retain Talent Buyer Jodi Ecklund and Remain a Music Venue.
Nice to hear. Glad for Jodi to be able to keep it rolling. Love to hear details on if anything is gonna be different?
Jan 20, 2015 Steven Severin commented on Veteran Bumbershoot Programming Director Chris Porter Let Go by One Reel.
Chris did a hell of a job. It's a very difficult and thankless gig. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Let's just take a moment and show some respect for the man that created some great shows and some of the times of my life. Look forward to see what you get into next.

As for AEG and Chad booking it well there's some big pocketbooks and Chad made the Showbox what it is today. I'm sure it'll be different but that's not always a bad thing.
Jan 11, 2015 Steven Severin commented on New Column!.
100% wrong regarding time machine to kill Hitler. Sure there's others you could kill like Pol Pot but killing Hitler would be a fantastic use of a time machine.
Nov 23, 2014 Steven Severin commented on What's Going On with Bumbershoot?.
I love Bshoot and am super bummed that folks haven't been paid. Running a festival is very difficult let alone trying to make $. What Bshoot charges for all the acts compared to a lot of other fests is pretty reaso.

The thing that kills Bshoot is the damn rain.

I'm sorry to see them going through tough times and hope they get it together and pay the people that they owe ASAP. That's not cool.