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Jul 27 Steven Severin commented on What I Learned on Day Two of Capitol Hill Block Party (From a Newbie).
Kathleen welcome to the best city in the country.

Everybody has lots of opinions about everything, but most will only say them from behind fake names and from a lit up screen and keys.

Keep it positive and you'll be a lot happier.

Good chattin' this am. Riz. Hopefull you're on to some Brrr's by now with Jacob.
Jun 14 Steven Severin commented on The Amazing Acro-Cats Return to Seattle.
When are they coming back? I missed the last time, but had friends that smoked a bunch of dope and thought it was the best night of their lives!
May 30 Steven Severin commented on Ryan Hemsworth at the "Everyone's On Molly" Stage.
Ryan Hemsworth makes some mighty fine tunes...
May 30 Steven Severin commented on Pop Punkers Seaweed Played Recently?!.
I went and it was a blast. Just so much fun hearing all the songs live and jumping around. Tacoma was in the house!
May 18 Steven Severin commented on RiFF RAFF Needs His Own Roller Coaster.
Funny that folks want to hate on some dude that sold out Showbox that the fans loved!

Trent you got a new title that you can add to your name now. Love it.
Apr 20 Steven Severin commented on Capitol Hill Block Party Headliners Announced!.
I guess all these poeple that go see a lot of these great artists (remember, it's a matter of opinion), apparently don't waste time commenting in the Stranger comments section. Ha ha. Yes everything was cooler when you were doing everything, blah blah blah. Tell us something new. WTH does Dave Meinert have to do with you not liking Block Party? He jumped out awhile ago I believe. Now that he doesn't run it, does that mean you'll like it again? Enjoy.
Apr 3 Steven Severin commented on Interview with a Small-Business Owner Making Less Than Minimum Wage at His Small Business.
Most small biz owners I know would like to see min wage go up. However it has to be done responsibly and $15 now is very irresponsible. There needs to be time for businesses to adjust and figure out how to do this without closing their doors or making such little profit for what they put into it they're forced to call it a day. This is very new in the scope of things. We need time to figure out what is the right way to help people who are only making $9.32 an hour to make a but more. However if you do it through a knee jerk reaction places are going to close.

What would you do if your boss said tomorrow we are going to cut your paycheck by 60%? That's essentially what $15now is looking to do to small businesses. I know it's not exactly the same but if you think about it it's not far off.

Complete compensation and phase in over 5 years and you get my vote.

I thought this was a good article mostly pointing out how hard it can be to run a small biz.
Mar 15 Steven Severin commented on Sound Check.
Love how Trent gets people to say "something". Interviews can be the most boring thing, but it's because the band is sick of journalists asking the same questions. Never happens with Trent at the Mic...I mean tape recorder
Mar 14 Steven Severin commented on Bartender Crush: Candice at Moe Bar.
Simply put. Candice is the best.
Jan 23 Steven Severin commented on Italian Electronic-Music Legend Alexander Robotnick to Make Seattle Debut April 10 at Barboza.
Didn't know we had announced that yet. Tix on sale soon.

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