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Oct 5, 2013 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on The Best of Slog: A Shutdown, A Terrible Ad, and Unprofessional Medical Advice.
The Tea Party movement is apparently good about re-branding things like The Affordable Care Act. At which point do we get to re-brand them as The Confederacy of Dunces?
Oct 4, 2013 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on Serving Drinks/Food/Beef Jerky in Mason Jars: Allow or Disallow?.
My name is Mason, so I've automatically hated Mason jars for, oh, 34 years or so. If you want an interesting story, though, look into Jarden Corp. Its the company that owns Kerr and Ball- the two companies that make the Mason jar. Then look at everything else they own. Its like they're banking on some kind of zombie apocalypse. Seriously- look at what they own.
Sep 5, 2013 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on Get Ready for the Coming Pledge of Allegiance Outrage.
P.P.S. The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist. Named FRANCIS!
Sep 4, 2013 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on Get Ready for the Coming Pledge of Allegiance Outrage.
P.S. Both the US National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance were written by men named FRANCIS. Conspiracy theorists/Pee-Wee Herman fans please discuss.
Sep 4, 2013 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on Get Ready for the Coming Pledge of Allegiance Outrage.
Everybody is missing the bigger picture on this one. It's not like the pledge is in the constitution or anything. It was written by Bellamy to help a failing flag manufacturer sell flags for the upcoming Columbus Day centennial, and subsequently convince congress that all public schools should display said flags in every public school classroom for the daily recitation of the pledge. It's just a crummy commercial. I suggest we replace the whole thing with 'Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine.'
May 6, 2013 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on I Hope We'll at Least Get a Stirring Courtroom Speech Out of This.
I can only hope that Mr Pinkus meets Robert Duvall while on a drunken moonlight stroll.
Dec 3, 2012 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on Or, They Could Just Shoot Him....
When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in confederacy against him -Jonathan Swift

Well if you ever wondered if Costas had a pair, I think he just removed any doubt with that tumescent slam dunk teabagging to proponents of the out-of-control gun culture in this country. I bet Wayne LaPierre is still flossing Bob's silky bag fleece from his yellow teeth.

I sincerely hope that any intelligent people at NBC, the sports community, outspoken celebrities, and people across the world who are sickened by gun violence will not only stand by and defend Mr Costas, but raise money to support the Brady Campaign and speak openly and often about the dangers associated with gun ownership. I also think that the use of the word 'tragedy' when related to gun violence should be replaced by 'preventable crime.' Save tragedy for accidents and natural disasters- it's becoming diluted.
Apr 6, 2012 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on We're Number One!.
The Spanish word for 'Hipster' is pronounced Heepster. I love everything about that.
Jul 8, 2009 Mr Flex Chesterson commented on Black Kids Kicked Out of Pool.
I'd like to drop a couple kids off in that pool. What douchebaggery!

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