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Nov 6, 2013 KREATURE commented on What Progressives Need to Understand About Gun Control.
Oh yeah, Chicago, maybe the most gun-restrictive city in America has reached the highest murder rate in the USA. Clearly making a huge difference.
Nov 6, 2013 KREATURE commented on What Progressives Need to Understand About Gun Control.
"but, as a phony-ass seattle progressive, i literally don't know anyone who keeps a firearm in their home or on their person. i know a couple people with hunting rifles, and they live in MT & AK. i know there's a ton of guns in WA state, and many are in the hands of nascent Ian Stawickis."
What an idiotic statement. Many of the tons of guns are in the hands of nascent Ian Stawickis? You think there is a huge faction of mentally ill, violent, murderous nutcases stockpiling guns, really?
For the Seattle anti-gun nuts, gun control is just another trophy for you, another conquest. "We got gay marriage, legal weed AND took away all of the gun owners firearms that we decided were scary, we're #1!"
All of you are saying that gun owners only react with stubbornness and insults, and I see far more of that from the anti-gun side. A lot of stereotyping, shittalking, unwillingness to listen to the other side's points or facts used to make them.
If I want to make a private sale to another gun owner, that's our business. People at gun shows are not out to make profits buy selling to potential psycho rampage murderers, that's no the type of person you see at a gun show. Bills of sale are written out, and gun owners and gun ownership advocates are definitely anti-mass shooting and anti-murder. When private owners sell their guns, they don't want to pass a gun to a potential murderer without a conscience. We don't want to be murdered any more than anyone else, or want to sell something in our name or with our fingerprints on it to a violent nut. I've seen plenty of refusals to would-be buyers that don't produce valid ID, or to people they don't feel good about. How many gun deaths in Washington were as a result of the "gun show loophole"?
No nutcase planning a mass shooting is going to be deterred from killing a bunch of people because of tighter gun control laws. "I was going to kill a bunch of innocent people, but I couldn't legally buy one, so I just forgot all about it and decided to go to school and become an astronaut instead". You can get illegal shit, if you want it, you will. You can get any drug you can dream of, you can get a gun if you're determined, regardless of restrictions. "Assault weapons" look scary, but statistically account for very few murders, and they carry larger caliber bullets, but if you look at gun wound science (you can find it on you tube), the caliber is not a huge factor in death.
I wish police did have to get mental health screenings that resulted in firings, that'd be great.
I don't think that I deserve any less protection than the police. I don't think I'm less important or rightful than a cop. I sure as hell think I'm more level headed and less violent and confrontational than the average cop. I don't need SWAT gear or a vest, but if they carry the best standard of protection (in a firearm) for the unlikely or abrupt violent encounter, than I figure it's good enough or a responsible citizen.
Like I said before, I lean very far to the left, which doesn't make me popular with a lot of gun owners. I know plenty gun owners that are liberals for that matter, they're a larger bunch than you'd imagince, but a lot are closeted to avoid the angry spewings from both sides. One of the reasons most liberals dislike gun owners and are rabid about gun control is because of firearm ownership being associated with and tied to other right wing beliefs, like homosexual intolerace and such, subconsciously or not. Gun control is it's own non-partisan issue, not a left or right wing battle, but that's what it's used as. It's another hotbed issue that is used to divide people as opposed to something that can be discussed without a right or left wing connotation. It's used as a divisive and polarizing measure. It's hometeam pride mentality. Maybe it'd be easier for liberal gun-control advocates to discuss gun control with a pro-gun liberal, so they could relate on a general level, and throw out the conservative connotations, and the idea that the guy you're debating with is anti-gay rights, and thinks you're going to hell because you haven't accepted Jesus, or is anti-welfare.
Sorry for the retardedly long rant, I'm sure I'll get a ton of shit. When I get fervent about something I burst into a kind of stream of consciousness logorrhea, but I try to be coherent as possible.
Nov 6, 2013 KREATURE joined My Stranger Face
Nov 6, 2013 KREATURE commented on What Progressives Need to Understand About Gun Control.
Non-gun owners will just never understand gun owners. Seattle has one of the lowest, if not the lowest murder rate for a city of its size. Banning high capacity magazines or assault rifles would not have prevented any of these gun murders. Take a look at which guns were used in murders, and how a high capacity magazine made a difference. Then look at Caifornia, with some of the most restrictive gun laws. Have they accomplished anything? Look at their major cities with comparable populations to Seattle. So many more gun murders, and "assault weapons" are aplenty in the hands of criminals. Big cities with one fifth of Seattle's population have more gun murders than Seattle, plenty have more than all of Washington. Assault weapons are mostly scary because they are called assault weapons, plenty of these in Washington, but how many have been used in murders? Washington state and Seattle gun owners, and citizens in general are good boys and girls, and rarely murder people. California's bullshit laws I imagine, were drawn up in hopes to achieve something like Washington's murder rate. Explain to me how these laws are "common sense"? It'd just turn a huge faction of responsible gun owners into criminals. Ed Murray signed off on a bill (that died) which included mandatory police searches of gun owners houses without warrants, once a year. I'm not a felon, and especially not a violent felon, and no police or authority have any business knowing what firearms I own. It's another excuse for big brother to wedge their way into our lives, and single out gun owners, so cops can come to rash decisions when dealing with them. I don't want to wave a red flag that says, "I own a gun, I might shoot people, or conduct a mass shooting, so treat me differently". I'll control my own guns, thank you. Oh, and by the way, I lean very far to the left, but this is an issue that I can not sign off on, it pisses me off.